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Waking the Fallen

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  • I’m not a kid, the site won’t process the other review form, so I turned to this as an alternative

    Avenged Sevenfold is an amazing metal band. They’re somewhat nu-metal, with blends of classic metal riffs and mordern harcore. Having said that, Avenged Sevenfolds newest album, Waking the Fallen is ingenious and a clever work of music. Their music is dark, yet uplifting. To give their music that uplifting quality, they obviously have to go emo, but rest assure they stayed away from it. It’s a little bit of emo, mixed with some scremo, stirred up just right, so their music can be described as a perfect balance between being to emotional and being too hardcore. They sort of look like the band AFI but rock with the power of Iron Maiden. Don’t let their age fool you either, they have very intelligent and mature lyrics. They aren’t one of those many bands out there. These guys are unique. Sort of that sweet and sick mix with many bands fail to perfect. Avenged Sevenfold isn’t only for metalheads, most of their tracks on the cd can be enjoyed by almost anyone with a good taste for “music” in general. Their lyrics and vocals are poetic and have a deep meaninging within them. These guys are bottom line brilliant !

    Let me walk you through the tracks and describe them briefly -:

    1. Waking the Fallen – The band starts out this soft, kind of jamming session with ere’ey and suspensful music playing and soft vocals. It impolres the user to “Wake the ones and rise tonight”. A perfect setting while going into the fast paced Unholy confessions. Ingenious, and a perfect start off setting ! 10/10

    2. Unholy Confessions – One of the best songs in their album. It is an instantly likeable track, and you will get hooked on it almost immediately. It portrays this deep sense of confessions, to a girl with a tinge of screaming vocals, amazing guitars and catchy chorus. 10/10

    3. Reminessions 10/10

    4. Chapter Four 10/10

    These two tracks are probably the most mature songs, each having their own diverse meaning. Reminessions talks about vengence and what the world feels like with that in mind. Chapter Four has some screaming vocals with a great chorus. A very catchy and great song. The drumming and axe playing provides the perfect backdrop for lyrics about desperation, skeletons, murder, vengence. Amazing is a understatement.

    5. Desecrate through Reverence 10/10

    6. Eternal Rest 8/10

    These songs tend to remind me of Killswitch Engage. They are done well, and get right into your face. This is where they get heavy but still put forward the meaningful lyrics.

    7. Second Heartbeat 10/10

    8. Radiant Eclipse 9/10

    Second Heartbeat is an amazing track, starts off with amazing guitaring, and stays in there making it an all out perfect song ! Good vocals find their way through some heavy thrash out music. Radiant Heartbeat, starts out with some good beats, and is a pretty good song, not one of the best in my opnion but still good enough.

    9. I Won’t See You Tonight Part. 1 10/10

    10. I Won’t See You Tonight Part 2 10/10

    Just when you think these guys are an all out Metal band, this brilliant piece of art comes in. It starts out with very soothing keys played, not to mention so right into place. Then it picks up with some great guitars, still maintaining that emotional atmosphere. The start out of vocals just changes your whole mood if the start music couldn’t. It continues through to make it one of the best goddamn song I’ve ever heard. The song (Part 1) implies to desperation and depression, and the guy pours his heart out. After the 9 minute long part 1 of the song. All the emo atmosphere, drops as Part 2 comes in with some heavy music and screaming vocals. The singer here snaps from all the desperation he put forward in Part 1. This is more like the sick and demented side of him, which came out due to pressures and tention. Together this makes some of the best 14 minutes of metal which anyone couldn’t really put forward. The lyrics get you into this deep thought of what is taking place as well.

    11. Claivoyant Disease 10/10

    12. All the Things Will End 10/10

    These tracks bring the disc to an end in the tightest way possible. Claivoyant Disease starts out great and overall makes one of the best songs on the album. These are 2 fast paced songs, implying to the new metal aspect of the genre. Even if they start playing this way now, they have already proved what they are capable off. Whether they choose to have Classical metal rifts or newer hardcore metal, or just stick with the blend, they sound good either way.


    Closing Statements : Waking the fallen is their best album so far, and is a great pick up for any music fan.


    Posted on November 20, 2009