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Waking the Fallen

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  • Let’s get one thing straight – A7X is easily THE best new band to emerge within a few years. I’m a big fan of many bands, but this one just blows them away. I can picture many years in the future, people will look at this album and think, “This is a masterpiece.” And it is. This album is right up there with some of the best albums to date, like Rush’s 2112, Iron Maiden’s The Number of the Beast, and AFI’s The Art of Drowning. A7X’s first cd, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, while an amazing hardcore/metal album, is no comparison to this masterpeice.Comparing the two albums, you may at first like STST more, as the intro to it, To End the Rapture, is amazing. On the other hand, Waking the Fallen (the song), is rather weak. But after the first songs are over, WTF’s superiority completely emerges. The second song is Unholy Confessions, a brilliant work of heavy metal art, wich is creepily reminicent of 80’s metal. It then goes into Chapter 4, an incredible vocal and instrumental powerhouse. Once you’ve reached Reminisions, you know this band is simply amazing, because the changes in tempo and volume, the at times extremely heavy and at others light and soft, its just a musical explosion of greatness.Then the album takes a break from the brilliance, and does the song Desecrate Through Reverence. While this song is still great, its no where near the past three songs. But there’s no worry, because then you get into one of the best songs on the album, Eternal Rest, which starts out with a CRAZY guitar solo by one of the greatest guitar players of all time, Synyster Gates. The song then slows down into one of the just plain coolest peices of music ever written. Then you get to Second Heartbeat, my personal favorite track on the album. Throughout the first 6 minutes of the song, its just an amazing song, but once you get to the guitar solo at the end, which is possibly THE greatest solo of all time, you’re in love.The album then settles down once again with Radiant Eclipse. Like Desecrate, this song isn’t an instant favorite. But its still a great song. After this, all of a sudden you hear a piano. And the album goes into a power balad masterpiece called I Won’t See You Tonight Part 1. This 9 minute work of art is simply such a great song throughout, its impossible to stop listening. After part 1, it goes into part 2, which is filled with anger, unlike the incredibly sad part 1. But this song is great too, and simply a joy to listen to.After that, it slows things down with Clairvoyant Disease. While this song is a lot slower and softer than a lot of the tracks on this album, its definitely a great song. Then you get to the grand finale, And All things Will End. This song starts out aucustic, then immediatly goes into a great metal song, which like Unholy Confessions, is quite reminiscent of 80’s metal. The album ends with a constantly slowing guitar solo by Gates, and you’re left incredibly happy.Basically, if you’re into metal, this album is a must buy. There’s not one bad moment on this cd, absolutely no filler. You can’t get much better than this.

    Posted on November 20, 2009