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Waking the Fallen

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  • What the members of Avenged Sevenfold have crafted here is an incredibly aggressive, loud, and technically impressive album; one that just fills you with energy and makes you want to punt babies over houses. It’s quite long, over an hour, but it never lets up.

    It starts out with a cool, slow paced build-up of an intro, which leads to a kick-in-the-pants of a first actual song. The singer screams at the top of his lungs as he is supported by pounding drums and bass and killer guitars, and Waking the Fallen never lets up after that. This album is full of great hardcore sounds, especially on tracks like “Eternal Rest”

    But the vocalist can do more than just shout himself hoarse, he can also sing, surprisingly. This comes out the most in “I Won’t See You Tonight – Part 1″, an incredible song that eschews hardcore antics for a beautiful, epic melody with relatively thoughtful lyrics about suicide. The track clocks in at around 9 minutes and is part of a larger 14 minute, 2 part behemoth of a song. Like I said, it’s a long album, and if you like this kind of stuff, it is definitely worth it.

    Every song on Waking the Fallen is good, but except for a couple like “I Won’t See You Tonight”, they all sound pretty similar and you can lose track of where one ends and another begins. But if that’s something you can handle, you can’t get much better metal today. 4.5 stars rounds up to 5.

    Posted on November 20, 2009