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Walk On

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  • Wow. Walk on – to me, this is by the greatest, hard – rocking album i’ve ever heard in the 90’s. This powerfull album, released by the rock master, BOSTON, blew me away! I thought it would be some pop – crap punk album from the melodic rock genre (after all, I read these people’s reviews. What kind of lame ass crap are they pulling?!) The main disapointment in this album for critics was Brad Delp’s disaperance. But, that is not true – on page 7 of the booklet, it clearly states that Brad is in the entire Walk On medley, and wrote many songs. You can’t deny that, unless your an oaf. Walk on is a great mix of music all throughout the album. Fran Cosmo is great vocalist, and with Bradley, they both rock the album throughout its tracks. And here they are:I Need Your Love – this song is a great rocker that represents the emotional side of Boston. It has a great jam part in the beginning, which really caught my attention. Fran Cosmo rocks.Surrender To Me – Boston hits the peak with this hard rocking yet melodic track. It was a major disapointment to me that this didn’t make the greatest hits. It has an amazing chorus and funky lyrics throughout its great guitar rifts.Living For You – Amazing. Simply amazing. This beuatiful, melodic ballad is stunning to your ears. It is perfectly decorated with keyboards and guitars, and Fran sings it perfectly.Walkin’ At Night – This short, rockin’ track is the most hard core track on the album. Go Tom Scholz!Walk On – Ohhh man! Is that hard core rock or what? This track gave me shivers down my back when I first heard it. Get your train on the track!!!Get Organ – ized – This track is another stunning instrumental with powerful, no amazing organ and guitar jam sessions throughout its 4 minutes and 28 seconds. A stunning, electric drum oriented rocker!Walk on Part two – Second verse, same as the first! This identical version of track 5 still rocks incredibally hard, with extreme vocal intensity all around. Man is this good!What’s Your Name – This beuatiful, harmony laden ballad is both powerful and funky ( lyricwise ). Fran really gets to show of his vocal talent here.Magdelene – This beuatiful, emotianally intense rocker peaks the album when it comes to harmony. It has a conspicuously beuatifully chorus, with an amazing jam session. One hell of a rocker.We Can Make It – This sweet, powerfull ballad is melodic rock at its fullest. It has amazing, soothing vocals, spectacular bass guitars and the most powerfull jam session in the album. A great masterpiece of a closing song for the album.Well, that covers it all. This album is amazing in emotional intensity and hard core rock. Brad Delp, Fran Cosmo, Tom Scholz, Cedro Sikes, Doug Hoffman, Gary Phil, and Curly Smith are amazing musicians. Walk On Rocks!

    Posted on January 1, 2010