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Walls of Jericho

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Highly anticipated new album from New Jersey’s God Forbid. The songwriting is head and shoulders above any of their previous efforts, making this their most dynamic and devstating offering yet. Enhanced Dual Disc featuring a special hour-long making of the album, buddy icons, desktops, and more.

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  • My old cat peed on it, so no cover is left. I bought it from a local metal record shop for 25 bucks. Its worth it to hear early songs by bands like Running Wild, Hellhammer, and of course Helloween. Also, it features songs by the band “Dark Avenger” who were never heard from again (I wonder if anyone’s ever tried to find out what happened to them).

    Anyway, I digress. This version (remastered) sounds excellent. Its already an excellent album (in my top ten of all time) but this version sounds better and doesn’t clip like a lot of remasters have been (look up the “Loudness War” on the internet).

    The bonus disc is a plus, in fact the whole package is basically what any fan would love to have. The two bonus tracks from Death Metal shred, as well as the Remixed versions. I’m not a huge fan of all of Bauerfiend’s work (example: the Overproduced last two Blind Guardian albums) but if he were to remix an entire Helloween album, boy it would sound different. I’d say this release is worth those remixes alone.

    And what is this album? Its the foundation of all modern melodic sounds in metal (in my opinion). The young power metal band comes across like Kill Em All era Metallica covering NWOBHM bands like Satan (Court in the Act era) and of course Iron Maiden (well those are three influences right there). The music is played at a speed and precision that would make modern bands like Dragonforce proud, but its a lot better.

    In fact, pre-Keepers Era Helloween owes almost as much to early thrash and speed metal than their later era stuff. Getting Michael Kiske wasn’t a mistake (they had already used Ralph Scheepers who was the future Gamma Ray and later Primal Fear vocalist for live shows because Kai had trouble singing and playing simultaneously at the time), but they definitely softened things up compared to this album for the Keeper albums and after.

    Iron Maiden never had guitar harmonies this complex and vicious, and also they play at a speed that would make Kreator proud.

    Awesome release, this is perfect for newer fans of metal and also somewhat old timers like me who worship Kai Hansen and company.

    Posted on February 10, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Helloween’s “Walls of Jericho” wasn’t really considered a power metal album moreas it was a speed metal album and Keeper of the Seven Keys would officially kick off what’s known as power metal. But this CD isn’t far from power metal – it’s very melodic, full of Hansen’s high pitched vocals, super lead guitar and harmonized lead guitars, powerful drums, and dynamic songs. It’s not as melodic as Helloween’s later work, but it’s still very much their sound. You’ll hear Kai Hansen’s first performance on vocals, and his voice eventually became more powerful and melodic in Gamma Ray but his influence on this record and the next 2 Helloween albums (albeit guitar-wise as he does not perform vox after this until 1995 Gamma Ray). I love this album a lot, it’s got what I like in music (metal in particular and I love power metal the most) – heavy guitars while maintaining good melodies, high pitched vocals and screams for dramatic effect, present bass-guitar, fast and technical drumming, and two guitarists who can shred and perform speedy solos in dual harmonies.

    With this package you’ll get the remastered CD with a bonus disc. You’ll have the album start with the “Helloween EP” on the first 5 tracks then “Walls of Jericho” from then on. The bonus disc has some new mixes, live tracks and B-sides which is worth hearing for Helloween fans.

    Helloween fans owe it to themselves to check out their first album to hear where it all started. Highly recommended for your metal collection.

    Posted on February 10, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • i picked this up on casset in 86-87 this was mind blowing not the fastest or heavest but very hard and pure the time i thought america was the only place thrash/speed metal grew from but then i heard helloween,kreator,celtic frost and then coronor.these were some of the best, many liked sodom and artillery very good but not my style really but helloween had a fury at this time that american kids could relate to until the keepers of the 7 keys cds which are great euro power metal maiden style cd but this cd esspecially this 2 cds set will live in my heart as top knotch german thrash metal greatest song(timelessly relavant today)!

    Posted on February 9, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Helloween are pretty much known as the originators of Power Metal, largely due to this and the two Keeper Of The Seven Keys albums. Walls Of Jericho is a melodic, fast, rip-roarin’ metal album, that at first listen you could easily call Thrash. While it can easily hold it’s own in the speed department against the Thrash bands of the time, it’s obvious there’s something else going on here. Because it sounds a lot like Iron Maiden too! So what the hell do we call this stuff? That’s Power Metal, kids, here in it’s purest form.
    Unfortunately it’s a tad underrated, and I always felt it should be one of those “required reading” metal albums. The Keeper albums are(and rightly so), but Jericho should be tacked onto those two albums as well, though the sound is a bit different from those albums-more raw and thrashy.
    NO ONE sounded like Helloween. These guys were(still are)a very original, talented and extraordinary band. Checks out Walls and see where it started.

    Posted on February 9, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I have been a poor student for a long time, but recently I have started to have an income. When I found out the remasters of the helloween albums were coming out, I bought them all immediately. I have been waiting to do this for a long time, and now is the perfect time for everyone.

    This particular remaster includes the original album plus the judas single, and then to add extra incentive, they added 7 b sides to a second disc. The disc one has been re-mastered and sound crisp, and as fresh as the day they were originally penned. It is the second disc that I want to stress as the best part of the new edition, and makes the investment worth it. The two versions of ride the sky (remix and Live) are both nice, and murderer remix and guardian live are cool too, But the tracks Oernst Of Life and Metal Invaders from the DEATH METAL compilation are the weight of this remaster. This is the first time the track Oernst has been anywhere easly available to the public since 1984. I have heard this song only once before this, but I did not have the 50-100 dollars to buy the vinyl Death Metal record to get it. It is one of the first tracks ever layed down by helloween, and is a classic fast, loud metal song that is a unrecognized gem of the early mid 80’s metal days. The liner notes of this one also starts the story of the fledgling band, and has an interview with Michael Weikath (as do all of the re-masters series) that fills in more interesting facts of the boys from Hamburg.

    Overall, this is the best thing that happened to metal since the 1995 re-masters of the Iron Maiden collection (1998 remasters good, but not all the goodie tracks). I wouldn’t even hesitate to say this is more a important remasters series for metal of this genre, because it give helloween to re-gain the international recognition it should have again. The Walls Of Jericho are the best place to see the origins of one of Germany’s best exports.

    Posted on February 9, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now