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Walls of Jericho

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  • I have been a poor student for a long time, but recently I have started to have an income. When I found out the remasters of the helloween albums were coming out, I bought them all immediately. I have been waiting to do this for a long time, and now is the perfect time for everyone.

    This particular remaster includes the original album plus the judas single, and then to add extra incentive, they added 7 b sides to a second disc. The disc one has been re-mastered and sound crisp, and as fresh as the day they were originally penned. It is the second disc that I want to stress as the best part of the new edition, and makes the investment worth it. The two versions of ride the sky (remix and Live) are both nice, and murderer remix and guardian live are cool too, But the tracks Oernst Of Life and Metal Invaders from the DEATH METAL compilation are the weight of this remaster. This is the first time the track Oernst has been anywhere easly available to the public since 1984. I have heard this song only once before this, but I did not have the 50-100 dollars to buy the vinyl Death Metal record to get it. It is one of the first tracks ever layed down by helloween, and is a classic fast, loud metal song that is a unrecognized gem of the early mid 80’s metal days. The liner notes of this one also starts the story of the fledgling band, and has an interview with Michael Weikath (as do all of the re-masters series) that fills in more interesting facts of the boys from Hamburg.

    Overall, this is the best thing that happened to metal since the 1995 re-masters of the Iron Maiden collection (1998 remasters good, but not all the goodie tracks). I wouldn’t even hesitate to say this is more a important remasters series for metal of this genre, because it give helloween to re-gain the international recognition it should have again. The Walls Of Jericho are the best place to see the origins of one of Germany’s best exports.

    Posted on February 9, 2010