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Walls of Jericho

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  • Helloween are pretty much known as the originators of Power Metal, largely due to this and the two Keeper Of The Seven Keys albums. Walls Of Jericho is a melodic, fast, rip-roarin’ metal album, that at first listen you could easily call Thrash. While it can easily hold it’s own in the speed department against the Thrash bands of the time, it’s obvious there’s something else going on here. Because it sounds a lot like Iron Maiden too! So what the hell do we call this stuff? That’s Power Metal, kids, here in it’s purest form.
    Unfortunately it’s a tad underrated, and I always felt it should be one of those “required reading” metal albums. The Keeper albums are(and rightly so), but Jericho should be tacked onto those two albums as well, though the sound is a bit different from those albums-more raw and thrashy.
    NO ONE sounded like Helloween. These guys were(still are)a very original, talented and extraordinary band. Checks out Walls and see where it started.

    Posted on February 9, 2010