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Walls of Jericho

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  • My old cat peed on it, so no cover is left. I bought it from a local metal record shop for 25 bucks. Its worth it to hear early songs by bands like Running Wild, Hellhammer, and of course Helloween. Also, it features songs by the band “Dark Avenger” who were never heard from again (I wonder if anyone’s ever tried to find out what happened to them).

    Anyway, I digress. This version (remastered) sounds excellent. Its already an excellent album (in my top ten of all time) but this version sounds better and doesn’t clip like a lot of remasters have been (look up the “Loudness War” on the internet).

    The bonus disc is a plus, in fact the whole package is basically what any fan would love to have. The two bonus tracks from Death Metal shred, as well as the Remixed versions. I’m not a huge fan of all of Bauerfiend’s work (example: the Overproduced last two Blind Guardian albums) but if he were to remix an entire Helloween album, boy it would sound different. I’d say this release is worth those remixes alone.

    And what is this album? Its the foundation of all modern melodic sounds in metal (in my opinion). The young power metal band comes across like Kill Em All era Metallica covering NWOBHM bands like Satan (Court in the Act era) and of course Iron Maiden (well those are three influences right there). The music is played at a speed and precision that would make modern bands like Dragonforce proud, but its a lot better.

    In fact, pre-Keepers Era Helloween owes almost as much to early thrash and speed metal than their later era stuff. Getting Michael Kiske wasn’t a mistake (they had already used Ralph Scheepers who was the future Gamma Ray and later Primal Fear vocalist for live shows because Kai had trouble singing and playing simultaneously at the time), but they definitely softened things up compared to this album for the Keeper albums and after.

    Iron Maiden never had guitar harmonies this complex and vicious, and also they play at a speed that would make Kreator proud.

    Awesome release, this is perfect for newer fans of metal and also somewhat old timers like me who worship Kai Hansen and company.

    Posted on February 10, 2010