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War and Pain (3CD Set)

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  • I must assume that if your interested in Voivod’s, “War And Pain”, then you must know something about real heavy metal. Their debut album way back from 1984 is an undeniable classic. Early Voivod was something completely different, but if you were into bands like Slayer, Venom and Kill ‘em All era Metallica, You most likely would like Voivod. “War And Pain” is a brutal record. All the crazy riffs, the thundering bass, nuclear drumblasts and bloodcurdling vo-kills carry you into the land of the Voivod. A warrior vampire-lord with a lust for death. This album is all killer and no filler. But, don’t forget, there are 3 cd’s. The “War And Pain” album, a live demo recording from 1984, which, if you appreciate real history, you will not mind the sound of the live disc. In my opinion, it’s one of the heaviest things I’ve heard. And, a bonus disc for your computer which has a video, pics, art, lyrics and more. You cannot go wrong by buying the first album. Hardcore all the way! This 3 cd set is a good buy and I bet will be hard to find one day so get it while you can!

    Posted on December 26, 2009