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War and Pain (3CD Set)

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  • I managed to pick this up when it was brand new, first released for the rediculously low price of $11.99 factory sealed from a large chain store. I have owned this album on cassette for years, and boy did I snag this at the right time. This box set is awesome, and one heck of a value. The difinitive War and Pain set.

    Disc one contains the 9 tracks of war and pain-remasted and sound just as crisp and raw/fresh as the day they were layed down.
    Then-Voivod added live songs from their first show ANACHRONISM-tracks 10,11,12.
    Next, they added the Metal Massacre 5 sessions for track 13, 14, and 15.

    Disc two: This is the prized Morgoth Invasion: Live Demo Sessions december 1984. 16 tracks of prime Voivod as they lauch into the premier canadian thrash metal band role.

    Disc three-CD ROM enhanced CD: This was the disc I nearly wet myself over. I have always loved Enhanced CD’s. This has so much data on it, it’s tought to fit here, and I’m still discovering stuff on it. Here’s a brief rundown. It has the biography 1985, coments from 2003, lyrics, sound, Many many video clips (20 minutes or more at least, pics, art, wallpapers, and screensavers.

    If you are a voivod fan, you must, and I repeat, you must get this album, It is silly if you didn’t. I would have easilly paid 20-25 dollars for this, but you don’t have to, so buy it ASAP!!!!!

    Posted on December 26, 2009