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War Is The Answer

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  • Zoltan Bathory formed 5FDP back in 2005 and who could have guessed the choice of band mates would have created a practically over night phenomena?!? We did, the fans of Motograter whom in which seen the sheer creativity that their one studio effort presented. It was only a matter of time before their albums went flying off shelves and The Way of the Fist did indeed surprise many at how well these overlooked musicians were backed by a die hard fan base.

    The reason I love this band is due to the fact that they are to the point and in your face. They have a style that is catchy enough to bring in fans that might not prefer the Metal edge yet still heavy enough to keep the Metal Heads happy. WITA only defines that characteristic further, whether it be the dominating guitar riffing of ‘Bulletproof’ or the sheer emotion on ‘Far From Home’. The range of tempo and song structure is far more varied then on the previous album and the slower tracks are a welcomed change.

    I was expecting this album to not differ much from Way of the Fist but I was pleasantly surprised to hear the guys tapping into their creativity a bit more. ‘Crossing Over’ is a mid paced ballad showing some signs of heart felt lyrical content but later on the previously mentioned ‘Far From Home’ we get a very slow and fairly sad track that truly pulls at the heart. This is truly a band that we as the simple humans we are can relate to as they share their raw emotions with us and bleed it out for the world to hear.

    Now, don’t go thinking that Five Finger went soft cause their is plenty of aggression through out the track such as the pummeling opener ‘Dying Breed’. Later we get ‘Canto 34′ which is a huge progression for the band as the riffs near a technicality unheard from the guys prior to this album and Zoltan’s leads truly shine because this track is (as far as I know) is the groups first full length Instrumental. The album finishes out with the title track ‘War is the Answer’ and ends on an aggressive note.

    All in all this album is definitely a huge step forward for the group as they show signs of evolving into a stronger more mature band that isn’t afraid to show every emotion. Ivan and Zoltan definitely stole the show once again and both further defined themselves as amazing musicians. I highly recommend this to fans of 5FDP’s previous release and to fans of Ivan’s other projects Ghost Machine & Motograter. Avid fans of Heavy Metal should give this album a chance even if they did not particularly care for the previous release and the album should be a godsend to nearly all fans of Hard Rock. An overall amazing and so far one of the best releases of 2009.

    Thank you for reading, support a supporter of Heavy Metal and please click ‘yes’ below.

    -A loyal Death Punch fan

    Posted on December 3, 2009