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War Is The Answer

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  • Five Finger Death Punch had a lot of hype going into this record. Could it somehow outdo its predecessor? Way of the Fist was just a nasty album from start to finish, and in my opinion, this album is nothing short of amazing. The opening track “Dying Breed” is just a sick album opener that punches you in the face with its brutal verses and melodic chorus. “Hard to See” is the first single off the album and when you hear how catchy it is, you’ll know why it’s a single. “Bulletproof” is possibly their best song on the album. It is just a brutal track with one of the best choruses these guys have written. “No One Gets Left Behind” is clearly a song for the troops. Once Ivan kicks in the second verse with “Play your war games with other peoples lives” you can just feel the anger in his voice. “Far From Home” is possibly the biggest surprise of the album. We know 5FDP is known for their melodic catchy choruses, but…just WOW. This song starts off acoustically and kicks in with distorted guitars and has a chorus to the song that can easily put this band on the map more than “The Bleeding” or “Never Enough” did. Another standout is “My Own Hell”. Same format as the majority of their songs with the brutal verses kicking into a memorable catchy chorus. “Bad Company” was quite surprisingly a great cover. I tried to find some things wrong with this album, but quite frankly I can’t find a lot wrong with it. The only complaint some people may have is that they have too many soft songs. There are 3 in total that are considered “soft” to me seeing as how there is no screaming and it’s just straight singing from start to finish in those songs. Those songs being “Crossing Over”, “Far From Home” and “Walk Away” However, there is nothing wrong with any of those songs. Ivan’s voice is too versatile for the songs to not sound good. I would recommend certain songs, however when trying to make that list I found myself making a list of all the songs, so just give the whole album a listen and decide for yourself how good it is. Although songs in definite need of listening are: “Dying Breed”, “Bulletproof”, “No One Gets Left Behind”, “Far From Home”, “Bad Company”, “My Own Hell” and “Burn It Down”

    Posted on December 3, 2009