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War Is The Answer

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  • These guys can be brutal, melodic and yet pull it all together in the same song for some kick ass high energy metal. Some people might complain about their 3 “soft” songs, but hey Ivan is a killer singer and it shows. Even the soft songs are great. No one complains about Corey Taylors softer songs.
    Dying Breed- Perfect opener Hard, heavy and brutal 10/10
    Hard to See- Another radio friendly song thats heavier than most radio songs Perfect single 7/10
    Bulletproof- Hard yet melodic chorus 8/10
    No one gets Left Behind- Much like death before Dishonor 8/10
    Crossing Over- First slow song shows much of Ivans great voice. 9/10
    Burn It Down- Back to hardcore this song is brutally heavy. 10/10
    Far From Home- Second slow song, very good 8/10
    Falling into Hate- Much like falling into love- its the exact feeling many of us have had 10/10
    My Own Hell- Slower style. Great mix not soft but its a versatile song for the mix 7/10
    Walk Away- 3rd slow song. Again the song writing and Ivans voice cant be dismissed 8/10
    Canto 34- Instrumental that really lets the guitarist rip it up. 9/10
    Bad Company- Really a cover? Unexpected yet Bon Jovi would be proud of their version. 8/10
    War is the Answer- Back to machinegun drumming, screaming and hardcore metal this is the perfect closeout song 10/10

    All in all this album is a great follow up to their debut. Another album I can listen to from song one to 13 and not skip a single song.

    Posted on December 3, 2009