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War Party

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  • Let me lead in to this review with the griping, because it is not good to appear soft while critiquing the bulbous flatulence that be GWAR. My first impression was, “Where’s the production value?” The insert and art were pale compared to the fantasy art spread within VHA, and even the song tracks were not labeled when I popped it into my player. And only 38 minutes of music? After three years? Lazy stoners!

    So that is the list of stuff that fell short. Why do they still have five stars lounging above this r-tarded review? Because you don’t usually buy a CD for the special fold-out picture of a styrofoam dinosaur straddling wreckage (that you subsequently can never figure out how to refold properly)! I wondered where all those production bucks went, right up until I listened to the music and realized… ah, right there. Quite possibly this is the cleanest and most perfectly musically constructed thing GWAR has ever released, and true fans may need to splatter the CD itself with filth and juices to acclimatize themselves to a new approach from the Scumdogs: Putting 95% of their focus into the songs.

    And actually, 38 minutes is far from short when every song is so searingly fast. Most of the songs are 3-4 minutes long, and at the speed they are played each one is worth a couple! Pure, dense, bloody-eared, abrasive substance. And while I mourn the lessening of excessive drug and necro-bestial slumberparty references, there is enough hardcore sickness in the new refined Oderus’ words to keep me cackling and breaking my furniture for another three years.

    So knuckles to concrete you sloppy-eyed slaves! Pay respect (and 3.95 shipping) to the masters’ bilious concerto of demise, and buy copies for every person you hate or love (wuss).

    Posted on December 11, 2009