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War Party

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  • Continued creativity and innovation for 20 years is a feat for any musical act. This applies especially to one whose notoriety is based on being comprised of intergalactic monsters bent on world-domination and baby-consumption. Therein lies the greatness of Gwar, whose dedication to repeatedly performing some of the best metal to befall human ears is often and unfortunatey under-appreciated due to their stunning theatrics.

    Then along comes WAR PARTY, which I tore open on October 26th with the expectations of an 8 year-old on Christmas morning. The album exceeded my hopes, and has rarely left my CD player since. It represents a stripped-down, more focussed Gwar, Violence Has Arrived’s angrier, and yet more concise, younger sibling. The title track and Krosstika are perfect demonstrations of this new, yet not unfamiliar Gwar sound, and Bonesnapper… well, Bonesnapper may very well be the war metal anthem of our generation.

    Of course, no Gwar album review would be complete without considering the lyrics, which fit the ominous nature of the music perfectly. Gone are the days of “I Suck On My Thumb”, and in their place, scathing satires of extremely current social issues, particularly the debacle in Iraq. And only Oderus, being who he is, can unite Christianity and Nazism in such a positive manner.

    In summation, it doesn’t matter if Gwar are considered an amazing theatrical act with the bonus of good music, or a great metal act with the benefit of an entertaining stageshow. Gwar have once again set the standard for satirical entertainment and music to joyously get your ass kicked to, next time they come to your town.

    No metal fan will regret purchasing this album.

    Posted on December 11, 2009