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War Party

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  • I’ve been a GWAR fan since Scumdogs first came out. I remember it well, because that was the first EVER cassette tape I bought as a kid. I believe I was only 10yrs old at the time and after listening to it, my mom found it and threw it away in disgust.

    Isn’t that the point of GWAR though? To disgust you in a way that when it boils down to it, becomes comedic?

    GWAR gets a bad rep because they’ve been blown off numerous times as a “gimmick band” because of their costumes. Slipknot is a gimmick band, GWAR is talent with some costumes thrown in to create atmosphere (hell, they have a background story explaining that they’re aliens that came to earth on a giant maggot).

    GWAR is often times critisized for their music. Not only because most of it is extremely offensive and obscene, but also because they “lack talent”. While there’s quite a few songs that overall in their career, I really didn’t like, they still make some GREAT metal, punk, hardcore, and hell…even country.

    This album, along with their previous release, Violence Has Arrived will prove to the critics that they are more then a comedic band that does off the wall songs.

    Their 2001 release, VHA along with this new album, show a more mature GWAR (is there even such a thing as “mature” and GWAR? haha). What I mean by that, is that there aren’t anymore “comedy” songs, no more “country” songs, no more “obscure songs by the Morality Squad”, etc etc etc. This album and their last album are considerably toned down from offensive content and concentrate on what matters most, THE MUSIC.

    War Party put a smile to my face…these guys STILL rock. War party is a nicely put together meshing of punk and hardcore songs with some good metal in the mix as well.

    Allthough some of their previous albums were actually pretty bad,it was mainly due to GWAR being “all over the place”. Take a look at “Carnival of Chaos” for example. It has some good tracks, but many of them can’t be taken seriously and quite a few of them are “experimental”, many times not even using lead vocals “Oderus Urungus” for the vocal work and using other “spin-off” GWAR members like “Techno Destructo” and such.

    GWAR is fun, no doubt about it. While they have “matured” over their last effort along with this one (concentrating on very well written music over gimmicks), I do kinda miss those good old days where you’d have Oderus singing about raping little kids (complete with “baby crying” sound bite in the background). It almost seems like there are 2 different versions of GWAR…

    1)the over the top, offensive, “experimental” GWAR

    2)the down to business, wonderfully thought out, music experts

    …All in all, you really can’t lose with either version of GWAR, but this album is number 2 on that breakdown.

    GREAT ALBUM, if you like it, also pick up 2001’s “Violence Has Arrived”.

    Posted on December 11, 2009