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  • This box set is worth it just for the live DVD. It’s a show with the line-up from Megadeth’s golden age. They were a well-oiled machine live and the audio and video quality of the DVD is high. In addition, there’s another show with this classic line-up playing a greater variety of songs on one of the CDs. The other CDs contain lots of cool odds and ends: b-sides, unreleased tracks, demos, session takes, more live tracks, and a sampling of Megadeth’s best studio tracks all remastered and remixed.

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  • First off let me say that I am a HUGE Megadeth fan. I’ve seen ‘em live 3 times, own every album, bought all the remasters, bought the darned VHS’ and the Dvds. It’s safe to say that Megadeth is my favorite band. I LOVE these guys. Their songwriting is out of this world! Megadeth is one of those bands that truely developed their own sound. Megadeth is one of the most unique bands I’ve ever heard. From the super angry agressive days of the 80s to the technical masterpiece of 1990s Rust in Peace to the more guitar hook driven stuff of Countdown and Youthanasia, I always loved Megadeth and loved how they crafted their songs. They were so advanced for a group that only wrote about 4 minute songs. You can go on and on about who’s the BEST heavy metal band but I always thought Megadeth were something special. No one put more into a 4 minute song than these guys and their riffs and songwriting was amazing. So you get the picture, I’m a HUGE fan. So why the low score?

    Over half if this DVD is stuff I already have!!! What’s up with that!? The first three discs are pretty much useless. Its mostly songs from the albums I already own!! The demos are interesting but not enough to justify the cost of three CDs. I’ll never listen to these. I’ll just get the albums that they’re already on. For that I had to knock off two stars, because there’s nothing really new on the first three discs. Come on guys(Dave Mustaine) what were you thinking? Couldn’t they have included one disc just with all the demos and then maybe had another live DVD on there!!!???

    Although the first three discs are a major negative, let me go on to the postives: the last two discs:

    Disc number four rules. A live show of Megadeth with their best lineup (Mustaine/Ellefson/Friedman/Menza) during their best years. (1990) This one is off the Rust in Peace tour so it’s a killer 15 track live concert caught on tape. This one’s all classic metal Megadeth and captures the band when their live set was truely worthy of the moniker: “world’s state of the art speed metal band.” It’s awesome to hear all classic deth being played live with “The Conjuring”, “Skull Beneath the Skin”, and “Black Friday” all making the cut. The sound quality is fantastic here and I don’t doubt that they remixed and remastered the original soundboard recording, because I know for a fact that 1990s soundrecordings never came out this good.

    Disc 5: the DVD. Oh this is what I was waiting for. Live footage of Megadeth at their best! 1992 fresh off the Countdown to Extinction tour. Fantastic set list and performances by all. Great sound quality and great to see Marty Friedman ripping the solos to shreds. Only criticism is that it’s PAINFULLY short! Only 10 songs clocking in at less than 50 minutes! Ouch! Just barely enough to satisfy the hardcore fan. Still other than that its what you’d expect. A great concert from the band during arguably their best years.

    All that said, it’s too hard to see this as a complete box set for Megadeth. As I said before the first three discs are a wash pretty much although the last two will please any long time fan. Still this is FAR from the definitive Megadeth collection that i thought it would be. I felt kind of jipped by the Arsenal of Megadeth as well and I can’t help but feel a little cheated by this one. No live footage from the 1980s? Only one DVD with only 10 songs? A great live CD yes, but not enough. And way too much of the same stuff. They could’ve cut it down to three discs and lowered the price to around $30.00 and then you would’ve had a great collection. Either that or they should’ve added another live concert DVD, but given the material of the disc, honestly it barely makes the grade. I probably would’ve graded it lower but I’m too much a Megadeth fan to rate it any lower than three stars. Still, you have my thoughts on this. If you’re a really hard core Megadeth freak you’ll probably like it. But I’m a pretty big Megadeth fan and I still can’t help but feel a little jipped…

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  • This is the Ultimate Box Set. Absolutely flawless and the best sounding greatest ive ever heard. The sound quality IS AMAZING and the songs sound better than they EVER did. What makes this compilation so perfect are the songs are awesome and the sound is perfection. Also the the new songs are great.. For instance Coming home to Argentina, also tracks called keeping score which are Dave’s perspectives and insights on certain world issues which sounds like it was recorded during the Countdown to Extinction days. There’s also a thick booklet inside that tells the whole story, every album, all the line up’s, pictures.. everything you could think of. It also comes in cool packaging… Nothing can get better than this.

    Content- Disc One:
    1.Killing is my business and business is good!
    2.The Skull Beneath the Skin
    3.Peace Sells
    4.Wake Up Dead
    5.Devil’s Island
    6.Set The World Afire
    7.Into the Lungs of Hell
    8.Anarchy/Problems Session Take
    9.Hook In Mouth
    11.In My Darkest Hour
    12.No More Mr. Nice Guy
    13.”Dark Themes”- Where Dave talks about his personality and songs.
    14.Holy Wars..The Punishment Due
    15.Tornado Of Souls (Demo)
    16.Five Magics [demo]
    17.Hangar 18

    Disc Two
    1.”Keeping Score”- Dave talks about his world views and what the Countdown Album means.
    2.Symphony of Destruction
    3.Go To Hell
    4.Foresclosure of a Dream
    5.Architecture of Agression [demo]
    6.Skin O’ My Teeth [Live at Alpine Valley, East Troy, Wisconsin 5/23/92
    7.High Speed Dirt [Live at Alpine Valley, Easy Troy, Wisconsin 5/23/92
    8.Ashes in your mouth [Live at the Cow Palace, S.F. California 12/4/92
    9.Sweating Bullets [Live at the Cow Palace, S.F. California 12/4/92
    10.Breakpoint [session take]
    11.Angry Again
    12.Train of Consequences
    13.Reckoning Day
    14.New World Order
    15.The Killing Road
    16.Strange Ways
    19.A Tout Le Monde

    Disc Three
    2.Almost Honest
    3.Use The Man
    5.A Secret Place- Live at Woodstock, NY 7/25/99
    6.One Thing
    7.Duke Nukem
    9.Crush Em’
    10.Kill The King
    11.Dread and the Fugitive Mind
    12.Never Say Die
    13.Moto Psycho
    14.1000 Times Goodbye
    15.Coming Home
    16.Kick the Chair
    17.Of Mice and Men

    Disc Four
    Recorded at Wembley Stadium, London, England
    2.Wake Up Dead
    3.Hangar 18
    4.Hook In Mouth
    5.Skull Beneath the Skin
    6.The Conjuring
    7.In My Darkest Hour
    9.Devil’s Island
    10.Take no Prisoners
    11.Peace Sells
    12.Black Friday
    13.It’s Electric
    14.Anarchy in the U.K.
    15.Holy Wars…The Punishment Due

    Disc Five [DVD]
    Recorded live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 9/30/92
    1.Intro/Holy Wars…The Punishment Due
    2.Wake Up Dead
    3.Hangar 18
    5.Sweating Bullets
    6.In My Darkest Hour
    7.Tornado Of Souls
    8.Ashes In Your Mouth
    9.Peace Sells
    10.Anarchy in the U.K.

    New stuff here. Many of these are Previously Unreleased or previously unreleased in U.S. This is essential to any fan. Highly Recommended.

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  • At first I have to say that I usually don’t buy box sets. The only one I have is from Ozzy Osbourne. When Megadeth decided to release this one…there was no doubt if I’m gonna buy it or not. Megadeth is my favourite band and defintely better than Metallica. This box-set is almost perfect. It has something new, something old, something rare…and something live.

    “Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good” and “The Skull Beneath the Skin” are good choices from their first album “KIMB”. Still…I would have taken more songs, at least “Rattlehead” would have been a great for this. After all…it was supposed to be the title of their first album before they decided to change it to KIMB…ABIG! These tracks remind us for the wonders of remixing and remastering.

    “Peace Sells”, “Wake Up Dead”, “Devils Island” are the best choices from “Peace Sells..But Who’s Buying?”. All the songs from the studio albums are remixed and remastered.

    “Set the World Afire”, “Into the Lungs of Hell”, “Hook in Mouth”, “Liar”, and “In My Darkest Hour” are all great songs but I would have taken only 3-4 songs from “So Far, So Good…So What!” for this box set. “Anarcy/Problems” is a mixture of those two cover songs. It begins and ends with “Anarchy” – in the middle there’s a short “Problems”.

    “Hangar 18″ is the only songs which is taken as an album version from “Rust in Peace” (which is the best metal album ever!). However, there’s three more songs (“Holy Wars…the Punishment Due”, “Tornado of Souls”, and “Five Magics”) as demo versions…and of course live versions.

    “Symphony of Destruction” and “Foreclosure of a Dream” are taken from “Countdown to Extinction”. Great songs! “Architecture of Aggression” is a great demo version. Also the four live tracks are awesome!

    From “Youthanasia” they decided to take “Train of Consequences”, “Reckoning Day”, “The Killing Road”, “A Tout Le Monde” which all are great choices. I’d personally like more “Elysian Fields” or “Blood of Heroes” but they weren’t chosen.

    “Cryptic Writings” is not as bad as many think. Although they chose only “Trust” (a hit single), “Almost Honest”, “Use the Man”, “She-Wolf” and a live version of “A Secret Place”, you could find more masterpieces in it if you would give it a chance.

    “Insomnia” and “Crush ‘em” were great choices from “Risk” which is their most hated album – although it isn’t that bad – it just different from others.

    I remember when Megadeth’s first collection “The Megadeth Years” were released – there was “Dread And Fugitive Mind” – as well as “Kill the King” – great songs.

    “Moto Psycho” and “1000 Times Goodbye” are from “The World Needs a Hero”. Well, you could say that they are great songs…but I would have replaced “1000 Times Goodbye” with “Promises”.

    “Kick the Chair” and “Of Mice And Man” are from their underrated comeback album “The System Has Failed”. The box sets have a strange way to make songs sound better. Well, great choices!

    There’s two short interviews “dark themes…” and “keeping score…” which are great to make this box set (almost) a perfect one.

    The songs “Go to Hell”, “Angry Again”, “Paranoid” (a Black Sabbath cover), “Diadems” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy” (an Alice Cooper cover) are “rarities” which have been released in soundtracks etc. and “Hidden Treasures”. “Breakpoint” can also be found in “HT” but this one is a session take which haven’t been released before.

    “New World Order”, “Strange Ways” (a Kiss cover), “One Thing”, “Duke Nukem”, “Never Say Die” (a Black Sabbath cover), and “Coming Home” were songs I hadn’t heard before. They all are great songs!!!

    Disc four is a 68-minute-live album which is great. It has made during the tour of “Rust in Peace”. The players play perfectly! Mustaine’s voice is great. It is well mixed. The audience is awesome! The only thing that I don’t like is “It’s Electric” which is sung by Sean Harris which some of you may know from a band called “Diamond Head”.

    The DVD is great. It includes only a 50-minute-long live gig but it is a great one. The picture quality is great. “Lucretia” and “Ashes in Your Mouth” are such perfect live acts…like every song is.

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  • disc 1>
    It’s got everything I love….”Into the Lungs of Hell” is Awesome!
    “Holy Wars…The Punishment Due” demo is a nice new twist in lyrics. “Anarchy/Problems” session take is nice addition
    disc 2>
    More of my favorites on one disc…. I had most of these songs on my own greatest compilations minus “Strange Ways” this song is new to me but awesome Kiss cover! The live tracks are well recorded. “Killing Road” owns! I’m glad they included this underated gem from my favorite album.
    disc 3>
    first off, the “Duke Nukem Theme” is different than what I heard on the score to soundtrack…The good news is THIS version included is undoubtedly better. My only complaint with this disc is I like the original “Almost Honest” better than the remixed and I wish they had remixed “One thing” to have more bass instead of tweets. They could of included “The Doctors is Calling” or “Wanderlust” to have rounded out Risk tracks -also The original untouched version of “Moto-psycho” would of been nice with the ending of the song that interludes into “Coming Home.” disc three is my least favorite of the compilation
    disc 4>
    “It’s Electic” is unsuspected great live track -all these songs live sound simply amazing ! Dave’s voice on “Devil’s Island” was in tiptop shape even with some ever so slight feedback here and there throughout some songs – wondering why these were never released sooner ??? Intro is funny yet remarkably possible….
    DVD> Fantastic show with “Countdown” lineup! again wondering why it was never released sooner -ANSWER: Better late than never!

    I give Warchest an EZ 5 stars just because there are few bands that can muster gas up this kind of solid work! It has most all my unreleased favorites, even a few surprises, and the most amazing ‘unheard of’ live performances – however I’m puzzled as to why there was no “Crown of Worms” or “99 Ways to Die” ???

    p.s. the packaging and insert book are very kewl and complete in “case” you were wondering.

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