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  • you know when you get in the car on a cold morning, and you look at the cd booklet, and are trying to decide? you look through….cephalic carnage? no. napalm death? oh, no. the crown? no. cryptopsy? oh, hell no. Six feet under? aahhh…yep, this is death metal for deathmetalheads who need to give their necks and ears a rest, or who just haven’t woken up yet. hmmm…so-so guitar work. not that innovative. same for everything else. and man, is this repetitive. so why do i love this so much? BECAUSE IT’S CATCHY!! something hypnotic about barnes’ vocals. you remember it all. these guys could probably be more innovative if they stopped smoking so much grass, but then it just wouldn’t be the same. this would be awesome background music for a party, that is if you can get a group of people that can handle it in the first place. this albums is awesome for what it is. it’s not for all occasions, but it has its place. it is thoroughly fun and enjoyable, and the ladies like it more than the fast stuff! thanks…p.s. 4:20 is great because barnes can’t hold the growling all the way through the lines, and at the end you get a taste of his actual voice. it’s extremely interesting to listen to, and is worth the price of the album alone.

    Posted on February 7, 2010