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  • Chris Barnes. Throughout this guys career, he has created controversy. When you think of him, you think of an [...]. With his first band, the infamous Cannibal Corpse, he made a name for himself in the metal scene. How? With Cannibal Corpse, he took over the lyrics and out came the two most controversial albums during that time, 1991’s “Butchered At Birth” and 1992’s “Tomb Of The Mutilated”. After the release of the less-gory “The Bleeding” in 1994, he was kicked out of Cannibal Corpse and formed Six Feet Under. Always outspoken, Barnes has become more of a symbol in my opinion than a death metal singer. One, he is not that good of a growler compared to legends in the genre like, maybe, his replacement for Cannibal Corpse, George Fisher. But, as an outspoken individual, he used Six Feet Under as his cry to legalize marijuana. His gory lyrics were toned down a bit, and he focused more on the pot thing than the gore thing. He is either loved or hated, and most people, included mothers and politicians all over the country, hate this guy.

    Allen West. Having the lead guitarist of Obituary in your side project is a big feat. West is a great guitarist, and if you ask anybody they will tell you that Obituary was a great band with some awesome riffs. Throw in a former Death musician and you would think that you have a great band. The only problem was, the riffs were extremely simple in Six Feet Under’s first two albums, “Haunted” and “Warpath”. Simplicity in death metal is not good. Especially in a crowded genre with so many talented bands. Chris was just worried about making his statement on marijuana, and because of that many Cannibal Corpse fan’s (including myself) felt like they wasted money on those two boring first albums. I never tried Six Feet Under again, unless you count hearing some of their newer stuff at a friend’s house or wherever. From other reviewers and the metal brethren alike, I hear that it is really not the much different from anything else, and they even did a huge project of covering AC/DC songs. I really don’t get it.

    Anyway, this album has boring riffs, simple song structure and uninspired solos, and they are not present on many songs. Compared to Cannibal Corpse and Obituary, the two main member’s former band’s, you wonder what in God’s name they are thinking? Maybe stoner metal? Maybe a shot at the mainstream? I really think that they were aiming for the mainstream metal crowd, which makes death metal fans cringe. Something you would expect from Chris Barnes, but not Allen West. In this album, “Warpath”, there is only one or two good songs. My favorite being “Caged And Disgraced”. Even though the riff is cool, it got old very quickly and it isn’t even brutal or anything. This album, and most of Six Feet Under’s later albums were just Barnes trying to legalize marijuana. I guess that both of these guys actually forgot that death metal is about the music, not about a point. Even though Barnes did create a fuss with Cannibal Corpse…

    If you are looking for blistering guitar solos, lightning fast double-pedal drumming with blast beats and gravity blasts, or extremely intense bass solo’s, then Six Feet Under is not for you. Chris Barnes’ vocals are not the best, but he at least did better here in Six Feet Under then in the first four Cannibal Corpse CD’s. Nontheless, if you want to sit back and smoke a blunt or you are the biggest newbie to the genre, then Six Feet Under is probably for you. Just an extreme disappointment from two legends who formerly made great music with their former bands. This what happens when a death metal band goes mainstream. They forget about the music and go for the point they are trying to make. I give this two stars because there are some good riffs in there, but the song structure is just so boring that you forget it in about a week and are just disappointed that you supported musicians who seem to not take music seriously anymore like they once did very well.

    Posted on February 7, 2010