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  • This Six Feet under release is certainly an odd little number. It’s an album that takes not being listened to for nigh on a year to unlock it’s charm. At first it sounds repetitive to the point of being boring and, subsequently, it was banished to the bottom of my pile but upon further listening it just seems to come together and make sense. This is NOT death metal. The album has a slow, stoner rock groove to it which is characterised best, and most obviously, by the song “4:20″. The riffs are simplistic, the drumming is unspectacular and the vocals are your standard death metal thoroughfare, but you know what? It works. It creates a very laid back feel to the album, which makes it a pleasure to just sit back and listen to. True, several riffs are lifted straight from Obituary, but one can only assume that Allen West’s self-plagiarisng was part of a paradoxical effort to enhance the lazy mood of this album. Hardly groundbreaking stuff, but good nonetheless.

    Posted on February 7, 2010