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Was And Is to Come

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  • This is band is rock solid. This is metal with no catches or loop holes. This will not be on the latest guitar hero. There will not be 15 year-old girls wearing Thy Will Be Done t-shirts. There is no clinched clean vocals for breathing room. This cd will however make you want to catch a few foxes and set their tails ablaze and send them running like wild banshees into dry forest. Consider yourself lucky if you somehow get recommended or stumble upon this flawless debut album. Jesse Leech makes a guest appearance and bellows out a dry throat stamp on “preserving the sacred”. This cd starts out with with an eerie sounding intro…it kinda reminds me of a pirate ship coming ashore through a dense fog…then goes straight into 37 minutes of pummel. Just don’t forget to pick up your teeth when your done listening…

    Posted on February 4, 2010