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Was And Is to Come

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  • WAS AND IS TO COME is honest, it’s heavy and it’s about time a band steps up to bring integrity back to metal. And just in case you were wondering… yes there are guitar solos and no, there are no clean melodic cliched vocals. This record is for fans of metal, pure and simple – Lamb of God, Haebreed, Machine Head, Sepultura, just to name a few…

    I had the pleasure of reviewing this CD for Metal Edge Magazine a few months back (July 2007). Below is a copy of the text as it appeared.

    “Bludgeoning and brutal throughout, Was And Is To Come is an aural assault bringing metal back to the mid nineties. Sepultura, Carcass and Crowbar-esque influences are present, but it’s less imitation and more a subtle homage paid in Thy Will Be Done’s uniquely loud and heavy fashion. Was And Is To Come captivates and pummels from start to finish proving to be one of the more honest and complete debut releases of the year. Ranging from metal with a southern rock groove to a cathartic five minute epic, the result is thirty eight minutes of resistance to current metal trends.”

    Posted on February 5, 2010