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  • 4.5 stars. While I do not think of “Watershed” as their finest hour, Opeth have crafted an intelligent Progressive Rock/Metal album that continues with the direction of their previous album “Ghost Reveries” but incorporates more Rock than Metal this time around. Mike Akerfeldt is the only remaining band member who has made the entire journey from debut album to current day activity. After hearing that all the other band members were gone I was listening to this new album and waiting for a huge crash and lack of creativity but “Watershed” is innovative beginning to end. Mike Akerfeldt wrote most of the music on previous albums anyway, so my anticipation of the worst was almost entirely unnecessary. With this new recording he adds even more ’70s Prog-Rock touches than ever before all the while maintaining that undeniable Opeth feel to the music. As far as hearing anything here resembling albums from the past I am frequently reminded of the slower sections from “Still Life”. Those thinking this new album is going to be their most Metal album yet will be disappointed. In fact, the very first time through “Watershed” I was a little confused. The more times I spin the CD the more details I notice, the more ingenious the arrangements become, the more impressive this album sounds. “Blackwater Park” and “Still Life” continue to battle for the top spot as my favorite Opeth album, but I intend to listen to “Watershed” many more times in the future regardless of where it ranks in their amazing catalog.

    Posted on February 17, 2010