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WCW Mayhem

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  • If your looking to buy some Clear and Complete Wrestling Themes like Randy Savage,Hulk Hogan,nWo Wolfpack.Then this CD is not it!It does have it on their but each officail Wrestlers entrance is only 1:00 long thats it!Its not even complete.But they have some Themes from other Artists and were never used,like some from Kid Rock and Limp bizkit (which both suck hard time)I was hoping for some Wrestlers themes like Erenst Miller,Lex Luger.The only CLEAR and Complete Wrestlers themes are the following *Sting – Seek and Destroy *Creative Control – Loose (Very cool) *Vampiro OLD – Take it (ICP also very cool) *Terry Funk – Fist Full *KonnanThats it,everything else on the CD Sucks.Please dont get this CD and wait until WCW can come out with WCW The Music vol 1,because I cant handle this.Whats next Backstreet boys?HELL NO!Save Your Money on this one,this was NOT made for wrestling fans,trust me

    Posted on November 15, 2009