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We Are Motörhead

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  • It’s quite unbelieveable that after 25 years and countless albuns, Lemmy can still deliver such a powerful album as this. Always walking a thin line between metal and punk, Motorhead’s fire burns brighter than ever.The record opens with a sonic burst of raw metal that left me ear-shattered on the ground. The second track “Slow Dance” demonstrates the sheer power of motoriffs that only mr.Kilminster and mr. Campbell can so superbly provide. There are 2 other tracks that deserve notice. The first is “Wake the Dead”wich shows us a more elaborate side of Motorhead, with its mood and tempo changes.The other one is an interesting and intense ballad ” One More F***ing Time.The mayhem continues until we are faced with the album’s gargantuan closer “We are motorhead” , wich did not only kicked my ass as they said they would (see lyrics) but left it lying helplessly smashed on the edge…! Diferently than most people might think, speed was never the main issue for motorhead. They never cared about how fast they could play. Motorhead was always about attitude and I-N-T-E-N-S-I-T-Y. And intensity is what this album is about. Long Live The Motors. Their best effort since 1916.

    Posted on November 17, 2009