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We Are Not Alone

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  • This album is a prime example of what a band should be…dynamic and not static. With all four members of the band contributing to the music, with some help from Billy Corgan formerly of Smashing Pumpkins, you can hear the band coming into their own. While not as hard and edgy as their first album “Saturate”, the melodic heaviness on WANA leaves the listener wanting more. There is certainly nothing lacking from album to album. It shows the true talent of vocalist/guitarist/lyricist Ben Burnley as he explores new options in his vocal range. Aaron Fink shows off his writing ability in the hard driving “Believe”. Jeremy Hummel and Markus James, drummer and bassist respectively, keep the bass section as a part of each song, not as a backdrop. The songs “Simple Design”, “Breakdown” and “Away”, the three other heaviest songs, speak for themselves. “Rain” and “Forget It”, the two slow songs co-written by Corgan, show a unique sensitive side not normally associated with Breaking Benjamin. The remaining songs are “So Cold”, “Follow”, “Firefly”, “Break My Fall” and “Sooner or Later” are all somewhere in between as far as decibal wise, but they are all amazing songs reflecting the band’s showmanship. In fact, listening to “Saturate” and “WANA” back to back makes for interesting listening.

    Posted on March 5, 2010