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We Are Not Alone

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  • First off, I have to say that the person that claims that Breaking Benjamin are instructing you to swallow scissors and rob liquor stores needs to invest in a life. Anyway, I didn’t know before I came onto this site that We Are Not Alone isn’t the band’s first album, but at any rate, it ain’t bad.

    Before hearing this album, the only song I was familiar with was “So Cold”. That song is still a highlight, as is “Firefly”. But even better than that is when you get to the middle of the album, where you get a great three-in-a-row: “Break My Fall”, “Forget It”, and my favorite, “Sooner or Later”.

    The only really negative thing to say about this album is that there are some otherwise good songs that have okay choruses, like “Simple Design” and especially “Rain”. But those things don’t stand in the way of this great album, and avid fans of hard rock shouldn’t regret discovering Breaking Benjamin if they haven’t already.

    Anthony Rupert

    Posted on March 5, 2010