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We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' Roll

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  • The U.S. version of this album edits out 3 songs (“Warning”, “Wicked World”, and “Languana Sunrise”) from the orignial double LP in order to cram it onto one CD. This was kind of standard procedure when CD’s first debuted in the mid-80’s, but with the recent Black Sabbath reunion tour and the suddenly ubiquitous Ozzy Osbourne & family, you woulda thunk they’d have struck while the iron was hot and given this classic the overhaul it deserves by now. Fortunately, there is a digitally remastered reissue that restores the album to all its two-disc glory, but it’s available only as a pricey import (it is available here on Amazon). Seek it out, it’s well worth it. Mind you, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the 14 songs on this shorter version, it’s just that I could never be satisfied with it when I know that a better version exists out there.

    Posted on March 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Man, this CD rocks. I was afraid it would suck when I bought it, but this is now one of my all-time fav CDs. It’s very powerful and each song is different and worthy of being on this ‘Best Of’ collection. All Sabbath needs to do now is come out with ‘We Sold Our Sold For Rock ‘N’ Roll 2.’ That would be sweet. If you like any Metal or Hard Rock, then this CD will complete your collection. The highlights are Iron Man, Paranoid, Children of the Grave, The Wizard, War Pigs, Black Sabbath, N.I.B…oh hell, every song on the CD is excellent. Tony Iommi is awesome on guitar and does great on his distorded rhythm and powerful lead. Ozzy’s voice is…well, i can’t describe it, but he fits perfectly with Black Sabbath. If you watched THE 100 GREATEST ARTISTS OF HARD ROCK on VH1, you would have seen that Black Sabbath came in at #2, with Led Zeppelin at #1. Personally, I think they are a tie for the best hard rock band. Anyway, if you have Napster, download some songs off of here and you will see that Black Sabbath rocks, and that this is the CD to have.

    Posted on March 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • ‘We Sold Our Souls for Rock ‘n’ Roll’ was my first introduction to Black Sabbath, and it remained my sole Sabbath record for quite some time.As a greatest hits compilation from Black Sabbath’s classic first six albums, it is an extremely well-chosen collection of what represents most of what early Sabbath had to offer. For hard-core fans, you should get all six early albums separately and in their entirety. But for those wanting an excellent introduction to the band, it’s hard to think of more worthy selections than the ones here to put on a single CD.A disproportionate number of cuts are from ‘Paranoid’, Sabbath’s second (and best, in my opinion) record. In fact, if I could take only one classic Sabbath record to a desert island, ‘Paranoid’ would be it. But if I could take ‘We Sold Our Souls for Rock ‘N’ Roll’, I’d take it over any of the single LP’s in a heartbeat. Hey, a CD is only 74 minutes long, so as controversial as it is, some great music from the first six records just had to be left off. Sadly, what isn’t here include: ‘Supernaut’, ‘Supertzar’, ‘Wicked World’, ‘Hole in the Sky’, ‘Symptom of the Universe’ and ‘Megalomania’. Of these, ‘Megalomania’ might be the biggest omission, but it’s also a long song and including it would have meant not including possibly two of the great ones that were included. NOTE: the original double-lp set included the cuts, ‘Laguna Sunrise’ and ‘Warning’. Due to the 74min capacity of a single compact disc, these cuts were omitted from the CD version. Regrettable, but these were probably the cuts I would have eliminated if given the choice.In summary, ‘We Sold our Souls for Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is an extremely well-chosen collection of classic Sabbath from the early 70’s. It includes much if not most of their best work in a very accessible single-CD format. It’s also an excellent introduction to the band.

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  • Here’s where metal all began. Doom, Black metal, Death metal…so many genres began with Sabbath. We Sold Our Souls For Rock ‘N’ Roll is very good place to start a Sabbath collection. Features all their more well known songs such as Paranoid, Iron Man, Changes…etc. A little disappointed that some of the songs that were just as good but not as popular were left out. Also no songs from the Dio era of Sabbath, I admit that that’s not such a big deal though since they only had one good album with him. Again, a great place to start but I would recommend getting the actual albums too. Every Sabbath album is meant to be taken as a whole and, while the songs sound good apart from each other, your missing part of the experience if you just hear one or two songs of a particular album. It’s been more than 30 years since Sabbath started and they are still one of the best. Very few have ever been able to match the ambiance, art and effect Sabbath achieved. Their material is as powerful in 2004 as it was 1970.

    Posted on March 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’m not sure what originally attracted me to the vinyl album in the first place. I was a little nervous because I was not a Black Sabbath fan, and wasn’t sure what I was going to get. However, a friend of mine had recommended the group to me and I thought, why not?From the moment “Black Sabbath” began to play, I was hooked. The heavy bass, the drums, a full heavy sound, and yet so sparse, was outstanding. Looking back when I bought this on vinyl, I was into The Moody Blues and King Crimson, which we now recognize as progressive rock, and listening to Black Sabbath, I see some of the elements I liked so much in progressive rock.While I still have the vinyl album, I had to have the CD because of its portability. The only regret I have is that two songs were dropped from the dual album set, “Warning” and the awesome, uncharacteristically acoustic, “Laguna Sunrise”. I miss both of these and will have to buy the CDs from whence they came.If you are a hard-core Black Sabbath fan, then there is probably no point in you owning this CD unless you just have to have everything they ever recorded. Or perhaps, as another reviewer noted, you were looking for something to play at a party that is a Sabbath mix. On the flip side, if you are a casual Black Sabbath fan, then this could really be a good CD for you. However, Black Sabbath is like many great groups in that a “best of” collection really catches only a fragment of the quality of their music. This group is an album group, and not really a collection group.There is no point in reviewing the individual songs. I like every one. They are fun, full of bass, heavy lead guitar riffs, and drums that beat into and out of the songs to give a flavor that is hard to believe from typically three instruments. There are whimsical songs (“Fairies Wear Boots”, “Am I Going Insane”) that are just plain fun. Songs of warning (“War Pigs”, “Iron Man”), and even a ballad (“Changes”). If you have wondered about the roots of metal, look no more, you’ve pretty much found the tap root. Sit back, crank up the bass, and enjoy.

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