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  • Creed’s CDs have always contained very melodic, catchy hard rock songs / anthems, and Weathered is certainly no exception. However, with this CD, Creed have definately added an edge and heaviness to their music that wasn’t present on their previous albums. The 1st four songs are probably the heaviest that Creed has put on a CD, and they are so good that they alone merit a 5 star rating for this album (“Signs” and the 8 minute epic “Who’s Got My Back” are my personal favorites). The middle of the album contains the expected radio-friendly hard rock that Creed does so well. I, for one, find the quality of these songs to be superior to those produced by similar bands, such as Staind and the god-awful Puddle of Mudd. Creed is able to generate a melodies and tunes in these kinds of songs that are far above their collegues.While I thoroughly enjoyed Creed’s other 2 CDs, I personally feel that Weathered is their best CD by a decent margin. Stapp’s vocal and Tremonti’s guitar have never been better or more decisive. Definately pick up this CD if you liked Creed’s previous work or if you just like good hard rock music a la Full Devil Jacket, Nickleback, Saliva. Stay away if you are looking for rapmetal or hardcore.5 stars for an excellent hard rock compilation.

    Posted on March 6, 2010