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  • The person before me has got it all wrong…Creed gets no props at all!1.Bullets – The hardest song ever put out by Creed. Has a great sound and it gives a good feeling for the rest of the album. 4.6/5 2.Freedom Fighter – A great hard tune with nice guitars and kind of melodic.4.2/53.Who’s Got My Back? – Weird but nice and hard at around 4 Min into the song…oh yeah…its 8 min long.4.3/54.Signs – My least favorite song but I still think its a nice one espically toward the middle-end of it. 3.8/55.One Last Breath – A little too soft at the beginning but all the ppl who liked With Arms Wide Open will love this songs melodic sound.4.2/56. My Sacrifice – The single that started this CD. Very inspirational and uplifting. 4.8/57.Stand Here With Me – The best song on the CD and has a great guitar riff. 4.9/58.Weathered – Just a little slower with a nice SouthWestern feel. 4.0/59.Hide – Great sounding and well thought up music. 4.5/510. Dont Stop Dancing – A happy song about being tough in life and keeping your head up. 4.2/511.Lullaby – Nice acoustic and a bedtime song. 4.3/5

    Posted on March 6, 2010