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  • This cd is an awsome cd and by far one of the most talented music theory wise that i have heard. Scott Stapps amazing lyrics are deep but yet understandable, and Mark Tremonti’s guitar playing is some of the best if not the best out there.

    Track 1, Bullets is a dark sounding song filled with frantic guitar riffs, and Scott’s voice screaming the chorus with deep emotion.
    Track 2, Freedom Fighter is a bit more upbeat than bullets, but still with Scott’s screaming is one of the hard songs on the album, and it has good guitar too.
    Track 3, Who’s got my back? starts with an almost mesmerising intro, then moves into a melodic verse series, with choruses that include Scott very passionately singing. I have heard this is one of the band’s favorites that they played in concert.
    Track 4, Signs is one of the hard songs on the album, and shows Scott’s vocal variety, and yet again shows off Marks amazing abilities.
    Track 5, One last breath is a song with a catchy guitar riff, and deep lyrics, about midrange for the style on this cd.
    Track 6, My sacrifice is a song with amazing guitar sound, incredible lyrics, and with Scott’s passionate singing.
    Track 7, Stand here with me is a song with the most amazing guitar sound and riffs, and even though the singing is not comparable with the amazing guitar, the lyrics are incredible as well.
    Track 8, Weathered is a song with perhaps some of the deeper lyrics on the album, but not the deepest, as well as a good variety of vocals.
    Track 9, Hide is great song with even deeper lyrics, in fact this track and the two after have perhaps the deepest lyrics in the cd, and aside from the great guitar riffs, Scott’s singing is amazing.
    Track 10, Don’t stop dancing is another great lyrical and guitar song, with the same general style as hide but with different meaning and sound.
    Track 11, Lullaby is perhaps my favorite song on the cd. It combines incredible gentle accoustic guitar sounds with Scott’s melodic voice and extremely heartfelt lyrics, this song almost made me cry when i first heard it, and that is hard to do.

    Posted on March 6, 2010