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Welcome to Hell

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Sweden’s The Haunted have retuned with a new offering that marks a much welcomed return to the band’s trademarked aggressive, trashy sound. Great songs, catchfire-riffing, explosive groovy beats and sharp, dark and sarcastic lyrics.

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  • For a metal fan it took me an amazingly long time to get around to listening to the trailblazing work of Venom. I have to say that the experience of this album and the two that followed it, while not quite packing the punch it did when they were first released in the early ’80s, is thoroughly enjoyable and surprising. And, from a music history point of view, quite fascinating. I recommend this album and the two follow-ups, Black Metal and At War With Satan to anyone putting together a thorough collection of metal and hard rock.

    I bought Welcome to Hell together with the other two albums and I have to say that, of the three, this the one that I enjoyed most on the first listen. In true Venom style, the riffs are wicked, the vocals are pure satanic machismo and the lyrics are irreverent and darkly humourous. The sound quality of this album is notoriously bad and I must say that I didn’t expect it to be as bad as it is. The album sounds like it was recorded in a dungeon and then someone forgot to mix it before releasing it. On many of the tracks the mixing of the guitar and bass is terrible, resulting in a monstrous mishmash of distorted sound. Famed metal critic Geoff Barton is often quoted as saying, in one of the first ever reviews of this album back in the 80s, that it had the hi-fi quality of a 50-year-old pizza. That may be a bit harsh, but just be warned, that if you’re expecting the polished production of Martin Birch, Rick Rubin or Bob Rock, you ain’t gonna find it here.

    However, that does not detract from the experience of listening to the album. In a sense it adds to its status as a metal classic. Before the band’s ambitions overstretched their abilities after the At War With Satan album, they perfectly captured the essence of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal – the perfect comination of metal bombast and punk irreverence. Some people might say that this was best captured on Black Metal, but I’m inclined to think that Welcome to Hell was really their definitive statement. The album also includes what is probably the catchiest piece of satanic-themed metal ever released. If you don’t walk around for a week after hearing this belting out, “‘CAUSE I’M EVIL. IN LEAGUE WITH SATAN” either at the top of your lungs or under your breath, then you’re probably not a rock fan. So if you’re averse to having an infectious piece of devil rock stuck in your head, give this a miss.

    This reissue comes in a slipcase and has a booklet with great photos and facts. There are also a lot of bonus tracks. Go ahead, it’s worth every penny.

    Posted on March 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • When you are a boy in high school- bored, frustrated, in need of attention- sometimes the more offensive and awful a band is the better. Behold Venom! These guys are about offensive as it gets. 75% of their lyrics (at least) are Satanic and they make Motorhead sound like the Beach Boys. But they are great at what they do. They actually have some catchy riffs. They have taken a lot of heat for their questionable musicianship and low budget production but you could say the same about musicianship for a lot of bands including The Sex Pistols and The Clash. I think if you had Bob Rock behind the glass I think these guys would sound tight. But this in it’s rawness is ferocious metal and ended up influencing everyone. To hear what I am talking about listen to In League With Satan and In Nomine Satanas… but then go to confession.

    Posted on March 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This album is a true metal classic which help inspire both thrash metal and black metal to the glorious standards we old dear today. This band was never given any respect or admiration by their piers but legions of fans embraced this great music and still to this day rock out to Venom. Venom earned their respect the hard way, and that’s the reason they are still around today to adoring legions of fans. This album was the beginning of something great, anyone who listens to this style of music knows why. The production is low but the sound is great and totally Black Metal sounding. Great tracks, riffs and vox, check this classic out now and experience Venom!

    Posted on March 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The original Black Metal band! Loud, obnoxious, offensive, and GREAT! Crank it up and offend almost anyone!

    Posted on March 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • A good album to have to understand where Death/Black metal(or thrash) began. A fairly solid album at the time it can wear on todays listener who expects everthing to be perfect because between the semi decent songs, lyrics, and instument playing many may feel this is what Satan will play for them when they arrive in HELL!! However, the extreme RAWNESS of this album will work for the rest of us who miss the days of non perfect/WHERE THE HELL IS THE SINGLES THAT WILL SELL MILLIONS FOR US RECORD/PIG COMPANIES. Thank fully VENOM came around when a band was expected to be different not some perfect kissass like many of todays band.

    Posted on March 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now