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Welcome to Sky Valley

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  • Review no.69.’Welcome…’ is the band’s third effort.Heard somewhere this disc had the guys taking extra time to perfect the making of this record.It shows.End result is an lp worth of ass-kicking stoner metal.Only thing that bugs me about this CD is the fact the first three tracks have three(3)tunes tracked together.I guess Kyuss doesn’t want the listener(s)to skip around from song to song.Killer tunes include “Gardenia”,”Space Cadet”,”Demon Cleaner”,”Odyssey” and “Lick Doo”.Good pick of music here.Line-up:Josh Homme-guitar&vocals,John Garcia-guitar,Nick Oliver-bass and Brant Bjork-drums.Should appeal to fans of Fu Manchu,Monster Magnet,Sons Of Otis,Fireball Ministry and Sleep.

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  • Amazing. Let me start by saying I am NOT a heavy metal fan. My primary listening tastes lie in New Age, Jazz, and Classical. But I listen to a little bit of everything, and Sky Valley is that little bit that can satisfy the hungriest of Heavy Metal listeners.Minus the gratuitous Whitewater track, the album is reminiscent of Black Sabbath in many ways, with a composition that also twangs of Jimmy Page (with a sweet-sounding distortion). No room for pleasantries on this album. Kyuss presses the accelerator to the floor and does not let up until the last track which detracts from the album, but will please most teenagers looking for a little toilet humor.The guitar work is phenomenal on this album. I hear Ozzy Osborne and Randy Rhodes from Paranoid on Sky Valley, which is perhaps why I like Kyuss. The music is sentimental heavy metal. The vocals just your good ole’ garage band style singing. Oldschool if you will. Pre-glamour rock. And that’s just the way I like it … pure heavy metal, without the hairspray and rhinestones.

    Posted on January 25, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • O.K, so your looking for a hard rock album, one thats filled with groove-induced sonic rumblings, multi-layered textures and soaring melodys? well, you’ve just purchased the right record. From the intense opener of “Gardenia” right down to the none-less majestic conclusion of “Whitewater”, this is an album that will be played for years to come. While the first tune is delivered with ferocious intensity, the ante is considerably upped with track number two “Asteroid”. And boy oh boy, it just keeps getting better. Imagine yourself floating in space, admiring the view when WHAM!…your head explodes. Yep, thats “Asteroid” alright. And to think… the best is yet to come. Don’t let the insane titling of “Supa scoopa and Mighty scoop” put you off, this is rock with an edge. Getting used to the fast paced desert groove? Well don’t, as its about to transform into a brutal blues jam, taking no mercy. And this vein is very much continued throughout. 100 degrees is classic Kyuss, while the epic “Cosmic Rider” is Sergeant Pepper with a modern twist. “Demon cleaner” takes us all on a journey, and the albums classic track “Odyssey” packs a heavy punch. The hilariously dubbed “Conan Troutman” will rock you to your foundations,until you reach “N.O”, A riff-tastic retro romp. “Whitewater” finally brings us full circle, and lets us all have a well deserved rest. Sound impressive? Sure is. You need this album. ‘Nuff said.

    Posted on January 25, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Boy oh boy did I make a good decision, I passed up the chance to buy Pantera’s new one for Sky Valley by Kyuss. I’d never actually heard Kyuss’s music, but I’d heard a great deal about them. So I gave it a try, and damn this one is right there with TooL(my fav band). Kyuss has a unique sound and they’re music is like nothing you’ll ever hear. From Gardenia to Whitewater this is a great musical journey. The music really touches your soul. Though it would be hard to pick a favorite song I’d have to say Space Cadet is the standout track of the entire album. It really takes you away, whenever I listen to it (or the album in general) it’s like I’m in another world.It’s said the best music is the music you can fall asleep to well here it is. I strongly recomend you listen to this album while reading Tolkien for that mystical journey feel and the not knowing what to expect sort of feeling, because this album is full of suprises. Once you’ve heard Gardenia(opening song) you’ll be in awe. Kyuss had the talent and the balls to do something different and thought they never made it big, they will forever be remembered by those who have heard they’re music. Once you’ve heard the music you’ll be hooked and everything else (aside from TooL, soungarden and a few other metal bands)namely rapcore or numetal whatever you want to label that …, will seem like well… Take my advice buy this album, you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

    Posted on January 25, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Perhaps no band mastered sludgy, desert-style rock like Kyuss, and “Welcome To Sky Valley” may well be the best evidence of that fact. Everything just came together for them on this album: epic songwriting, infectious grooves, and killer instrumental chops. While there are definite nods here to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, Kyuss transcended their influences to create a unique sound that’s just a sheer blast to listen to. While this album’s predecessor “Blues For The Red Sun” has generated a bit more acclaim, if you want to get into Kyuss I suggest you start here.With the exception of the brief (but funny) closer “Whitewater,” “Welcome To Sky Valley” is composed of a mere three tracks, each topping fourteen minutes and subdivided into three sections. In other words, the beginnings and ends of the tracks are pretty much arbitrary. They do have one common denominator, though: they all rule. Each one is rich in experimentation and variety, encompassing hard-driving metal, trippy extended jams, and even some gentle acoustic passages. What really elevated Kyuss to the top of the stoner/desert rock heap was the stunning virtuosity of the musicians, especially guitarist Josh Homme. I love Queens of the Stone Age, but I had no idea how good a guitarist Josh was until I started listening to Kyuss. His work with this band really is like nothing else I’ve ever heard. His riffs are often crushingly heavy, but they’re also some of the most catchy and memorable in all of rock, and his leads are just as good. Brant Bjork’s drumming is every bit as impressively technical as on “Blues For The Red Sun,” and Scott Reeder’s bass mirrors the guitars perfectly to add some extra heaviness. And John Garcia’s wailed, gravelly vocals are the perfect complement to the band’s sound. What’s more, the production is absolutely perfect, allowing you to hear every nuance of the music without abandoning the fuzzy stoner vibe that’s so essential in the genre. So anyway, rock fans of all stripes can’t go wrong with Kyuss. With boring, wimpy Seattle-lite and nu-metal bands clogging the airwaves, bands like this one are a useful reminder of what rock music is supposed to be. So if you don’t already own it, pick up “Welcome To Sky Valley” today. And while you’re at it, grab “Blues For The Red Sun.” Oh, and their farewell “…And The Circus Leaves Town” is good too. So just get all three.

    Posted on January 24, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now