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  • O.K, so your looking for a hard rock album, one thats filled with groove-induced sonic rumblings, multi-layered textures and soaring melodys? well, you’ve just purchased the right record. From the intense opener of “Gardenia” right down to the none-less majestic conclusion of “Whitewater”, this is an album that will be played for years to come. While the first tune is delivered with ferocious intensity, the ante is considerably upped with track number two “Asteroid”. And boy oh boy, it just keeps getting better. Imagine yourself floating in space, admiring the view when WHAM!…your head explodes. Yep, thats “Asteroid” alright. And to think… the best is yet to come. Don’t let the insane titling of “Supa scoopa and Mighty scoop” put you off, this is rock with an edge. Getting used to the fast paced desert groove? Well don’t, as its about to transform into a brutal blues jam, taking no mercy. And this vein is very much continued throughout. 100 degrees is classic Kyuss, while the epic “Cosmic Rider” is Sergeant Pepper with a modern twist. “Demon cleaner” takes us all on a journey, and the albums classic track “Odyssey” packs a heavy punch. The hilariously dubbed “Conan Troutman” will rock you to your foundations,until you reach “N.O”, A riff-tastic retro romp. “Whitewater” finally brings us full circle, and lets us all have a well deserved rest. Sound impressive? Sure is. You need this album. ‘Nuff said.

    Posted on January 25, 2010