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  • Amazing. Let me start by saying I am NOT a heavy metal fan. My primary listening tastes lie in New Age, Jazz, and Classical. But I listen to a little bit of everything, and Sky Valley is that little bit that can satisfy the hungriest of Heavy Metal listeners.Minus the gratuitous Whitewater track, the album is reminiscent of Black Sabbath in many ways, with a composition that also twangs of Jimmy Page (with a sweet-sounding distortion). No room for pleasantries on this album. Kyuss presses the accelerator to the floor and does not let up until the last track which detracts from the album, but will please most teenagers looking for a little toilet humor.The guitar work is phenomenal on this album. I hear Ozzy Osborne and Randy Rhodes from Paranoid on Sky Valley, which is perhaps why I like Kyuss. The music is sentimental heavy metal. The vocals just your good ole’ garage band style singing. Oldschool if you will. Pre-glamour rock. And that’s just the way I like it … pure heavy metal, without the hairspray and rhinestones.

    Posted on January 25, 2010