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We've Come for You All

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  • Anthrax is the band that the general public (and HELLO, Rock radio?) should be paying attention to – not their old counterparts from the old school of thrash metal, whose name (which starts with an M) does not deserve to be mentioned.This is the album that the “M” people should’ve made – every bit as angry, with very few exceptions, every bit as powerful … the differences are that the recording is actually listenable, and, the songs are ACTUALLY SONGS! We’ve Come For You All is perhaps one of the best Anthrax albums of the “John Bush Era.” And everyone is in top form here … especially Charlie Benate, and his feet. I know a few drummers (coughlarscough) who could learn a thing or two from listening to someone who didn’t let his double bass drum chops go to hell playing ballads. Now, It’s not all “speed” metal – Anthrax has prided themselves on not limiting themselves musically over their career – but it certainly all rocks, even the “radio friendly” Safe Home. I can’t pick a weak song here… completely worth your time and money … unlike some people’s discs.Kudos to the band – God bless Anthrax!

    Posted on November 27, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Anthrax returns with their first new album in quite some time. After the last several disappointing Anthrax albums, I didn’t hold out a lot of hope for this one. I got this one for free from a record label, but after listening to it for some time now I have to say that I would have bought it just the same. It’s the best thing since Sound of White Noise by far, and while not as good as White Noise, there’s plenty of good tracks here. What Doesn’t Die, Superhero (my favorite), Safe Home, Taking the Music Back… This is a good one, and I’m glad to see they have some good stuff in them. However, Scott Ian really needs to shave that goofy beard of his. :)

    Hopefully they get past this “reunion” stuff and get back to making good records. This reminds me of what Kiss did with Psycho Circus. They had a great album and lineup after several “eh” or “fair” albums, and then tossed it aside in the name of a reunion. I hope Anthrax puts it back together with Bush, he’s my favorite Anthrax singer.

    Posted on November 27, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • In 2003, five years after their last studio album and eight years since their last good album, Anthrax mounted a comeback. “We’ve Come For You All” is a very strong and solid album (when not compared to anything else), and it’s a great album, when you consider the band’s last two discs (“Stomp 442″ and “Volume 8: The Threat is Real”) were both utter failures. “WCFYA,” which is doubtlessly Anthrax’s best record with singer John Bush, is also completely listenable and is brimming with potential, because there isn’t one bad song on here and several of the tracks are even great. Like most prime `Thrax records, the vocals add a melodic edge to these songs, and guitarists Dan and Scott both sound top-notch. The album begins on a strong note: “What Doesn’t Die” might be my personal favorite song on here. It’s backed by surprisingly heavy, blowtorch guitars, which are complimented perfectly by Charlie`s pounding, rapid fire double bass drumming. But the rest of the album isn’t without its charm, either. The famous, cleanly sung hit single “Safe Home,” which has lurching guitars, is ultra-catchy; “Nobody Knows Anything” is a crunchy, churning song with great drum work; “Black Dahlia” features several speed changes and more pounding drums; and the door closing title track is seven minutes long, but it never drags. Also, “Strap It On” has a great, several parted guitar solo, and “Cadillac Rock Box” has a catchy, grooving rhythm which sounds like it could have come from a C.D. released in the 1970’s. Both of these songs are made possible because of a cameo by Pantera guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell. The last highlight on here is “Taking The Music Back,” which has vocals that come courtesy of The Who singer Roger Daltrey. “Among The Living” is still probably my favorite disc in Anthrax’s discography, but this is about as great as thrash comes nowadays. “We’ve Come For You All” is more than a welcome inclusion in your collection, and it proves that Anthrax are more than deserving of being one of thrash’s all-time, most popular bands.

    Posted on November 27, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Say what you will about Anthrax, but these guys know how to make a metal album. It’s true that there are many die-hard Belladonna fans out there who are still mourning his absence but that’s been more than a decade ago, and with the addition of John Bush, the band has put forth some of their strongest material ever. “Sound Of White Noise” is a classic in my book, and “Stomp 442″ runs closely behind but with “We’ve Come For You All”, the guys have really out-done themselves. Every track here is a winner in it’s own right and no, you won’t find any nu-metal riffs nor will you find any rapping or whining. What you do get is REAL metal the way that it was meant to be played: Loud and fast, with CONVICTION. There is something about their music that never sounds dated and you could take any song from “White Noise”, put it on the radio, and people would never know that it came out ten years ago. Did you ever hear “Only”? In case you haven’t, it’s probably one of the best metal songs ever recorded and it has NEVER managed to get stale. On, “We’ve Come For You All”, you can tell that these guys have really come a long way. Their (to use a corny cliche) ten years older and ten years wiser. The lyrics are smart and the band has never sounded better. The only thing this album needs is a little airplay. If you haven’t heard this yet, then you’re missing something. Put down that new Disturbed album, go over to the “A” section, and get this instead. Once you hear “Safe Home”, there will be no looking back.

    Posted on November 27, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • After nearly five years, Anthrax are FINALLY back with their latest studio album, and to be perfectly honest, it couldn’t have come sooner. This is without a doubt the BEST metal album I’ve heard this year, bar none. Almost every beat, every riff, and every lick on this album is perfect, which definitely goes to show that the guys of Anthrax certainly didn’t sit on their laurels during their long absense. Here are the track ratings, as far as my personal opinion goes:1.) Contact (3/5) This isn’t really a song, but an intro into the rest of the album. At least, unlike other bands, Anthrax makes there intro sound like a song, albeit a very short one. It’s still good and serves it’s purpose.2.) What Doesn’t Die (5/5) This was the first track that I ever heard before this album’s release, and it’s still one of my favorites. Charlie boggles the mind yet again with his impossibly fast double-bass drums.3.) Superhero (5/5) Another really good song. This one is basically your standard Anthrax song, which is in no way a bad thing.4.) Refuse To Be Denied (4/5) Eh, this song is okay. Not as hard as some of the others, but not the fastest either. Kinda has an almost patriotic feel to it, unlike most metal songs.5.) Safe Home (5/5) The first single. Sure, it’s radio friendly. Sure, it’s the softest song on the album. But I’ll guarantee that it’ll get stuck in your head after a few listens.6.) Any Place But Here (5/5) What, another ballad? No! That intro is just there to confuse you. This song is actually quite fast, and has a killer chorus to boot. Still, it’s no possible match for…7.) Nobody Knows Anything (10/5) My personal favorite song on the CD. Just about everything about this song is great. I have no idea how Charlie pulled off the drums in this song without his legs falling off. The only thing bad about this song is it’s too short, but that can be overlooked.8.) Strap It On (3/5) I guess this song is okay, but the lyrics don’t make too much sense to me. I suppose this one is made more for their older “Belladonna-generation” fans.9.) Black Dahlia (2/5) My least favorite song on the album. The rapid drums and guitars sound cool, but they’re way too off-beat and awkward. That, and again, the lyrics confuse me.10.)Cadillac Rock Box (4/5) Ah good, another decent song. This one has sort of a southern rock guitar riff to it to please all you Skynyrd freaks.11.) Taking the Music Back (5/5) Roger Dahltrey of The Who fame guess stars on this track, although he’s really not used that much. It’s still a most excellent song though, with yet another amazing chorus.12.) Crash (1/5) Yet another skit, although this seems to be nothing more than Frank Bello mumbling semi-incoherently for about 50 seconds. Thankfully it’s short, so you don’t have to skip it everytime.13.) Think About An End (5/5) Just another typical Anthrax song. Just as good as all the others, with an above-average chorus.14.) W.C.F.Y.A. (We’ve Come For You All) (5/5) And now we finally have the title track of the album, and it certainly does not disappoint. Needless to say, you’ll be shouting out “We’ve come for you all” along with John after a few listens.My final verdict is this: If you are a Anthrax fan, a metal fan, or even a rock music fan in general, you NEED this album. It’s been a long time coming, but Anthrax have finally come for us all. Let’s all join them in heavy-metal nirvana, shall we?

    Posted on November 27, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now