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We've Come for You All

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  • Say what you will about Anthrax, but these guys know how to make a metal album. It’s true that there are many die-hard Belladonna fans out there who are still mourning his absence but that’s been more than a decade ago, and with the addition of John Bush, the band has put forth some of their strongest material ever. “Sound Of White Noise” is a classic in my book, and “Stomp 442″ runs closely behind but with “We’ve Come For You All”, the guys have really out-done themselves. Every track here is a winner in it’s own right and no, you won’t find any nu-metal riffs nor will you find any rapping or whining. What you do get is REAL metal the way that it was meant to be played: Loud and fast, with CONVICTION. There is something about their music that never sounds dated and you could take any song from “White Noise”, put it on the radio, and people would never know that it came out ten years ago. Did you ever hear “Only”? In case you haven’t, it’s probably one of the best metal songs ever recorded and it has NEVER managed to get stale. On, “We’ve Come For You All”, you can tell that these guys have really come a long way. Their (to use a corny cliche) ten years older and ten years wiser. The lyrics are smart and the band has never sounded better. The only thing this album needs is a little airplay. If you haven’t heard this yet, then you’re missing something. Put down that new Disturbed album, go over to the “A” section, and get this instead. Once you hear “Safe Home”, there will be no looking back.

    Posted on November 27, 2009