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We've Come for You All

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  • In 2003, five years after their last studio album and eight years since their last good album, Anthrax mounted a comeback. “We’ve Come For You All” is a very strong and solid album (when not compared to anything else), and it’s a great album, when you consider the band’s last two discs (“Stomp 442″ and “Volume 8: The Threat is Real”) were both utter failures. “WCFYA,” which is doubtlessly Anthrax’s best record with singer John Bush, is also completely listenable and is brimming with potential, because there isn’t one bad song on here and several of the tracks are even great. Like most prime `Thrax records, the vocals add a melodic edge to these songs, and guitarists Dan and Scott both sound top-notch. The album begins on a strong note: “What Doesn’t Die” might be my personal favorite song on here. It’s backed by surprisingly heavy, blowtorch guitars, which are complimented perfectly by Charlie`s pounding, rapid fire double bass drumming. But the rest of the album isn’t without its charm, either. The famous, cleanly sung hit single “Safe Home,” which has lurching guitars, is ultra-catchy; “Nobody Knows Anything” is a crunchy, churning song with great drum work; “Black Dahlia” features several speed changes and more pounding drums; and the door closing title track is seven minutes long, but it never drags. Also, “Strap It On” has a great, several parted guitar solo, and “Cadillac Rock Box” has a catchy, grooving rhythm which sounds like it could have come from a C.D. released in the 1970’s. Both of these songs are made possible because of a cameo by Pantera guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell. The last highlight on here is “Taking The Music Back,” which has vocals that come courtesy of The Who singer Roger Daltrey. “Among The Living” is still probably my favorite disc in Anthrax’s discography, but this is about as great as thrash comes nowadays. “We’ve Come For You All” is more than a welcome inclusion in your collection, and it proves that Anthrax are more than deserving of being one of thrash’s all-time, most popular bands.

    Posted on November 27, 2009