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We've Come for You All

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  • Anthrax is the band that the general public (and HELLO, Rock radio?) should be paying attention to – not their old counterparts from the old school of thrash metal, whose name (which starts with an M) does not deserve to be mentioned.This is the album that the “M” people should’ve made – every bit as angry, with very few exceptions, every bit as powerful … the differences are that the recording is actually listenable, and, the songs are ACTUALLY SONGS! We’ve Come For You All is perhaps one of the best Anthrax albums of the “John Bush Era.” And everyone is in top form here … especially Charlie Benate, and his feet. I know a few drummers (coughlarscough) who could learn a thing or two from listening to someone who didn’t let his double bass drum chops go to hell playing ballads. Now, It’s not all “speed” metal – Anthrax has prided themselves on not limiting themselves musically over their career – but it certainly all rocks, even the “radio friendly” Safe Home. I can’t pick a weak song here… completely worth your time and money … unlike some people’s discs.Kudos to the band – God bless Anthrax!

    Posted on November 27, 2009