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When Angels and Serpents Dance

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  • ok. I think it should be safe to say that I am a huge POD fan. I have been a representative on their street team for 4 of their 5 major label releases. but for some reason when Marcos came back… and when they released their new single “addicted” I was a bit skeptical.
    sure… I did like it a lot
    and I was happy that Marcos was back
    but I was expecting a return to Satellite which sold them over 4 million records worldwide.
    but then I heard the entire album and why they chose “addicted” as the single I do not know.
    I am a big fan of this band so on every album I have found enjoyment in just about every track… if a song was not the best or catchiest musically it never really mattered to me because Sonny always had something to say that I could relate with or that would inspire me.
    but on this album…
    (perchance one song)
    EVERY SONG (in my opinion) could be a single
    the only way that “condescending” was not their single, in my opinion, is that the chorus has vocal layers and might be a bit hard to understand on a radio level
    but why they did not choose
    “end of the world”
    “it can’t rain all the time”
    “shine with me”
    or the title track “when angels and serpents dance” as the main single
    I do not know

    this album is a refreshing step in a musical way for POD for me.
    I expect it to win back a lot of the fans who left when Marcos did…
    and not just because he is back in the fold
    but because these songs are that good!

    Posted on March 5, 2010