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When Eden Burns

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  • I like this album too, but I must vehemently disagree with the other reviewer about the sample at the start of the album. It’s a terrible choice and sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s instantly recognizable, even if you’ve only seen previews of the movie Malice. Even if I didn’t know the quote, I think I would immediatly know it was Alec Baldwin speaking… and his persona doesn’t exactly coincide with the mood of the music. I know it all seems like a minor point. After all, it’s only about 5 or so seconds of speech. But it’s the first thing on the album! It just sets the wrong mood. One could turn on Turner Classic Movies, and in a matter of minutes come across a better quote to use, and one that most people have no previous associations with. Why would I want to be reminded of a subpar 90’s thriller right as my mind is open, anticipating listening to and evaluating a new piece of music? I really wish bands would stop using such recognizable quotes. It takes you out of the music in a most unpleasant way. And this quote is just terrible anyways… nonsensical even. I remember it being extensively mocked actually when the movie came out. Really, quite lame… it’s just such an awful choice for an otherwise good album.

    Posted on January 21, 2010