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When Satan Lives

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  • This was the first deicide cd i brought and it serves as an excellent introduction to the band. Right from the first legendary riff of “when satan rules his world” the incendry power of this recording hits home. The instruments are mixed to such perfection that the recording creates an alomst mellow feel of unison amidst the chaos – effortlessly changing form crushingly fast to insanely catchy slow riffs. Benton displays incredible vocal diversity occasionaly varying the usual, deep, rich tone with screaming vocals. Some have criticised his voice – i however regard his voice to be at its finest here, the tone is perfect (somewhere lower than corpsegrinder fishers’ yet higher than barnes’. In my opinion this album contains the best death metal voice ever. The Hoffman brothers turn out an incredibly tight musical performance – the solos are incredibly musical, (just listen to once upon the cross) based on musical scales. Steve Ashiem pounds out devastating beats and fills, never dominating too much with excessive blast beats.This is complimented by Benton’s incredible bass playing. The actual sound of this album is extremely strong. I would say possibly the best ever for a live album. You can hardly tell the album is live at all except for Benton’s one time reference to the crowd of “thank you for turning out” and the odd “deicide” chant breaking out in between songs. I strongly recommend this album to new Deicide fans. If u are not listening to deicide because of their image u really are missing out on one of the best Death metal bands ever. You don’t have to agree with the lyrics to like the music (like me) – they just represent a viewpoint. To think that Benton didn’t want to do this album! This is THE album to play to your Marilyn Manson worshipping firends – play it loud and laugh!

    Posted on December 15, 2009