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When Satan Lives

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  • This is another favorite album in my Deicide collection. I brought is in the fall of 1998. I’ve listened to Deicide before but I’ve never seen or heard them live. I already had all their records. So there was no reason who I shouldn’t get this album. So I got it at a Camelot Music store and I listened to it all the way home on my CD walkman and I enjoyed the hell of of it.

    Now for my review. This is Deicide’s first live album. It was done live at the International House Of Blues. With album, you will hear Deicide like you never heard them before. The intensity, heavines, brutality, aggression and evil is all here. The production and sound is a little in the vain of Serpents Of The Light since it was during the Serpents Of The Light tour but it’s really good. The album also has a lot of the classics and some of the new tunes from Serpents Of The Light. The only problem is that there’s not too many songs off of Legion. There’s only Dead But Dreaming but the album is still good no doubt. It’s Deicide at their best. Some of the best songs here are When Satan Rules His World, Bastards Of Christ, Dead But Dreaming, Children Of The Underworld, Serpents Of The Light, Believe The Lie, Oblivious To Evil, Father Bakers’, Dead By Dawn and Sacrificial Suicide. Buy this album and find out what it’s like when Satan lives.

    Posted on December 15, 2009