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White Pony

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  • First of all, I didn’t have the original White Pony. I got this because it was the same price, and had an extra track. If you don’t have this version, you can download Back to School from the CD Xtra. Okay?Now to business. This is a wonderful album. Each song is unique, so I have to reveiw it song by song.Back to School: An excelent song/single. I’m glad I got this version because it’s so cool. The second most agressive song on this album, sounding like a combination of Minus Blindfold, My Own Summer, and Pink Maggot. It’s argualbly the best song the Deftones do live, too. 10/10Feticeria: This is not as good an opener at Back to School. It still is good, however. The lyrics are a bit clear for a Deftones song, like My Own Summer. However, it still isn’t personal, so in the end, it’s just your regular Deftones song. 7/10Digital Bath: One of my favorite songs of all time. This features Chino on the guitar, and has weird lyrics like Root. However, this is NOT a mosh pit song. It is a bit slow, but makes up for that in its great sound. 10/10Elite: Yuck. This is nothing but ultra heavy riffs, and Chino screaming, “When you’re ripe, you’ll bleed out of control!” After reading the lyrics, I discovered what this song is really about. If I say it in this review, won’t post it. 3/10RX Queen: This is a weird song. It features the new DJ as a second percussion part. Nice cryptic lyrics, though. 5/10Street Carp: Short and heavy. Sounds like a shorter version of Feticeria with better riffs. Probably the fourth heaviest song on the album. 8/10Teenager: SOFT is the key word. This slow song abot high school romance is toughing, but doesn’t sound like the Deftones. If you like this song, get any Eels album; it sounds a lot like them. 6/10Knife Prty: A combination of all the styles of this album like Root and Far Away were on their respective albums. I like the screaming female vocals in the background 10/10Korea: This is a great aggressive song like 7 Words. Great transition in the middle like Root. It’s the opener in the Back to School tour, and in my city, it got everyone up. 10/10Passanger: The best song on the album. It features Maunard James Keenan of Tool and A Perfect Circle fame. The vocals and riffs are amazing stuff. 10/10Change: A bit slow; too misleading for a first single. If you ask me, Korea would have been a better single. Oh well… it’s still a good song 7/10Pink Maggot: In every Deftones album, there’s a good, long closer. This is no exception. Starting off with slow power chords and vocals, this evolves into a song that I like as much as Back to School. There’s a nice heartbeat noise at the end. 10/10Well, that’s my two cents. If you haven’t got this album already, buy it. It totally rocks.

    Posted on March 11, 2010