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White Pony

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  • The deftones have come a long way since adrenaline, and over the years they have surpassed numerous metal bands in almost every way (vocals, drums, bass, lyrics, etc.). Deftones are beyond Korn, Slipknot, Metallica, and RAGE. Chino Moreno’s voice is the future for heavy metal/alternative bands. He can sing, rap, scream, and make his voice turn all crazy and still make it sound melodic. The drummer (Abe Cunningham) is vital to the band and makes every beat sound intense and filled with aggression and feeling. Chi Cheng’s bass skills and Stephen Carpenters’s strings are even more so awe-inspiring and add to the overall eminence of the WHITE PONY…and also, DJ Frank Delgado blends in very well with the band. Even though this band does not get much airplay, it’s due to special reasons. The WHITE PONY is simply a masterpiece. Playing it on the radio would ruin its quality, and degrade the overall greatness. It is too damn complex,intricate, and devilishly amazing to be put out on radio. The full effect and affection of this album can be witnessed by just listening it on high quality CD sound. The WHITE PONY will always be revered as the best metal album of the future. This is one great band and they’re way up there with Radiohead. Deftones is all about music and art, and it shows through all of their songs(especially digital bath and korea). No other band can compare to what these guys have accomplished…JUST BUY THE WHITE PONY.

    Posted on March 11, 2010