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White Pony

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  • The first Deftones song I ever heard was Hexagram of the self title. I remember when I first heard those melodic, brutal notes I knew I was going to fall in love with this band. I loved 2003’s “Deftones”, but I knew all the rage for Deftones was “White Pony”. I had to get it. I finally bought it almost 5 years late, but never too late right? Anyway, I gave it a spin, I almost cried. The second “Fieticaria” broke in, I loved it, and the rest as they came. “Digital Bath”, I almost died. “Elite”, heviest Deftones song EVER! “RX Queen”, dark, amazing. “Street Carp”, riffy, heavy and catchy. “Teenager”, calm, beautiful. “Knife Prty”, no other song can touch it. “Korea”, brutal, catchy. “Passenger, incerdible, Now way! Keenan comes in on this one!! “Change(In the house of flies), the single, and a great one at that! “Pink Maggit”, dark, creepy. Perfect way to close this amazing album. This was the first time that every song on the album had no complaints. I love this CD. I listen to it all the time. I cant stop listening to it! And to that kid who wrote, “Its the singer”, I think you need to shut up! The singers name is Chino, aka, the best there is. Oh, cant take a little creativity with a guys voice? And cant take it when a guy doesnt sing about breaking up with his girlfriend and starts singing poetry? Sorry dude but never diss Chino. Or Deftones. Its not Nu-Metal!! And its not Korn!! Everyone- stop comparing them to Korn. Everyone of there albums is awesome, even Adrenaline, but White Pony is untouchable. Do yourself a favor and buy this album!!! Im also upset about how everyone is hatin on the self title. What the heck? Of course its not White Pony! Nothing is. “Deftones” is a fine album. But again, White Pony is the “god” of metal albums. I’d say Deftones are the best metal act to walk the planet. Ugh,I keep calling them Metal. There not! They’re nothing anyone has ever heard!! Oh man, JUST BUY THIS ALBUM!!! And prepare to be amazed.

    Posted on March 12, 2010