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  • Imagine being trapped under a running diesel rig during an earthquake… and feeling pretty damn good about it. That’s what it’s like to experience Sunno))). This is not `metal’, this is not `ambient noise’; this is an aural departure from this planet. This is sonic warfare; this is a full-on aural assault. This might be the ultimate test for you and your subwoofer- `cause you’ll need this to be LOUD. Your limbs will twitch, your mind will fall empty, and your being may take leave as the luring vibrations take hold. No need to strap yourself in- these sounds will keep you well aware of gravity and its Earthly pull. This is the sound of a Universe being reborn. It churns, builds and grinds, as the seismic rumbling guides you through this sensory experience.
    Bottom line: Sunno))) flushes the toilet on everything that before was `heavy’.

    Posted on December 2, 2009