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  • I’ll just give it to you straight, track by track:

    1. Hell-O)))-Ween- ‘old-fashioned’ riff-based drone. This song is great, it is huge to say the least. I get giddy when I listen to this it’s so fun. The production is truly swell, an incredibly full sound.

    2. bassAliens- like a deep space, alien spa for your brain. It’s very relaxing, moody, and full of sound. It sounds like it could be on Robert Rich’s more ‘gloopy’ effort Bestiary. Near the end it sounds as though the tube in which your brain is placed starts to short circuit and eventually plunges into the otherwordly depths and gravity of…

    3. decay2(nihil’s maw)- featuring Attila Csihar on vocals, chanting sanskrit over, in and through a black galaxy of doom. This song wasn’t quite what I expected upon first listen(since it takes doom in a more ambient direction), but that doesn’t matter. It does it’s job. I found this track so surprisingly scary I had to turn it off when I was trying to fall asleep. It will not let you relax.

    So here’s the thing, while all tracks are superb in their execution, the EARTH fan in me wanted more songs or minutes of Hell-O)))-Ween riffage. The song is just so good, the production is just phenomenal and I’d love to hear more. But that’s what SUNN O)))’s, EARTH’s, and Melvins’ past albums are for. My stubborn fanboy nature doesn’t matter here, what is of greater note is that with this album SUNN O))) have definately carved their own sound for them. Sure it’s reminiscient of EARTH during guitar based tracks, but they definately have their own style, ideas, and directions in mind for this band. If there’s a point in their history of making music where they can release an album and stop having every review begin with a synopsis of EARTH homage, this should be it. As far as my opinion is concerned, they are their own band now.

    Posted on December 2, 2009