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Who Do We Think We Are

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  • By the time ‘Who Do We Think We Are’ was released, Ritchie Blackmore’s reputation for being, shall we say, difficult was certainly known by anyone with slightly more than a casual interest in Deep Purple. If one can imagine the stress of trying to put out an album, to say nothing of a good one, under those circumstances, it makes the success of this album all the more remarkable. Contrary to the critics, fans embraced this as another fine effort and its continued popularity speaks for itself. If it lacked the originality of their previous three studio albums (admittedly it falls short in that regard), it still rocked, and effectively disguised whatever discontent the naysayers read into it. Honestly, I play this album as often as I do any other DP Mark II album and easily enjoy it just as much. Reading so-called professional reviews, one gets the feeling that hating a band takes on a life of its own at some point. Only a critic could explain why.

    Posted on February 17, 2010