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Who Made Who

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  • At first glance at the track list, it would appear that this disc is a small best-of/greatest hits package, but obviously that’s not the purpose of this album due to the absence of obligatory tracks like ‘Highway To Hell,’ ‘Back in Black,’ ‘Dirty Deeds,’ the list goes on. Actually, “Who Made Who” is the official soundtrack (minus Roger Miller’s ‘King of the Road’) to Stephen King’s 80s horror movie “Maximum Overdrive,” a film that has since become a minor cult classic about a day machines and other electronic devices begin to take over the world and kill their human inventors. The fact that someone like Stephen King chose AC/DC to supply the music to his deliciously tongue-in-cheek movie seems ironic, but it actually fits, and once you watch the film you’ll get it (he would do it again by using punk pioneers The Ramones for ‘Pet Sematary’).As for the music, the album contains only three then-unreleased songs, but the others are a neat sampler for those interested in material from the first few AC/DC albums with Brian Johnson, with one song from the Bon Scott era (‘Ride On’), which is a great song–one of the few, if not the only, sympathetic ballads in AC/DC’s catalog–but it’s not exactly the best song to use when introducing someone to Bon Scott’s contributions to the group, one of the many factors that dispell the “best of” label some put on the album. As for the three songs written for the film, the track ‘Who Made Who’ is surprisingly sincere, and slightly more restrained in its approach when compared to AC/DC’s signature sound. It’s hard to say what the lyrics are about; there are a few references to machines like video games and satellites, so they may relate to the film’s theme, but the rest is hard to figure out, but the song is a great one anyway, making it the best AC/DC song that’s not about women and/or booze (other good examples being ‘Spellbound,’ ‘Night of the Long Knives,’ ‘Let There Be Rock,’ ‘Back in Black,’ the rarity ‘Cold Hearted Man,’ and many others). The two instrumentals meanwhile, ‘D.T’ and ‘Chase the Ace’ both display infectious guitar hooks, and probably would have become two more AC/DC classics if lyrics and had been given to them.Apparently, some different versions and/or mixes were used in the film for some of the songs, and there were even a few brief guitar pieces used that are not present on the album, which would be great to have, but even so “Who Made Who” is a delightful album to own. And as usual, it’s fitting for fans to blare from their speakers, even if it’s an odds and ends collection.

    Posted on March 13, 2010